Ronaldinho Gaucho… yes, I know who he is. I “met” him in China. Why is the word “met” between quotations? Well, when you meet someone, you usually tell them your name. I know his name, of course, but I didn’t officially shake his hand to introduce myself. There was no time, and he’d probably forget my name the a second after hearing it. My name isn’t the easiest to pronounce, and I’m pretty sure he hears a lot of names on a daily basis.

Do I know anything about soccer? No. I don’t like any sport involving a ball. Martial arts and boxing  are more my thing. Though I know nothing about soccer, I do know who he is. Growing up in the nineties (when Brazil’s soccer team was AWESOME!), I sat in front of the TV during the World Cup. My country was a colony of The Netherlands, but we always rooted for Brazil. The only games I watched (but I understood nothing, LOL), were when Brazil played. “Goal,” “Penalty,” “Red Card,” “Yellow Card,” are the only things I know about soccer. Oh, and that soccer players have hot bodies. Oooh la la!

Oh, wait wait! I also know that each team has eleven players, a match lasts ninety minutes, half time is after forty-five minutes. What else? Pele invented the “gol de bicicleta,” if you receive a red card, you’re not allowed to play. I just don’t know for how many games. My best guess is one game. Lastly, I know that soccer players receive a whole lot of money for running after a ball. To me, soccer is one of the most idiotic sports ever created. Eleven men run after a ball for ninety minutes, and sometimes it even ends 0-0. I would get mad for running ninety minutes and not scoring.

Behold a soccer player with a hot body. No, I don’t know if he’s a good player or not, I don’t care. I only know that he’s HOT! – Image Source

Before I tell you how I met Ronaldinho, I want to say that I’m not a stalker. I’m pretty sure Ronaldinho and his entourage think differently (if he remembers me, which I doubt), but I’m really not a crazy person. When I arrived in China, I met a Brazilian guy who was in his last year. Excited to meet a fellow South American (though I’m from the Caribbean), and we hit it off. Aside from Nelsen, Maycon is one of the nicest people I’ve met in China.

One morning, I woke up and checked my WeChat feed. Half asleep, I scrolled through my feed, thinking: “Boring, boring, boring, big fat yawn, boring, what the FRIG?”I immediately sat up in bed as I clicked on the feed. Maycon uploaded a post to his WeChat Moments (wall). He was with Ronaldinho. How was that even possible? What was he doing in Xiamen? I had to find out if it was true.

Me: “Maycon, are you for real? Ronaldinho is in Xiamen?”
Maycon: “Yes, he is in Xiamen! I’m in his room, watching him eat breakfast right now!”
Me: “SHUT UP! Where?!!”
Maycon: “I will send you the address. Come quick, he’s leaving soon.”

The Flash – Image Source

Will you believe me if I tell you I was faster than Barry Allen? I surprised myself, because I’m almost always late. When I arrived at his hotel, I sat in the lobby for almost an hour and a half. I got so tired of waiting, so I went to the venue he had some press conference at. Stood there (IN THE COLD) for another hour. Doesn’t he own a watch? Just when I was about to throw in the towel, his car pulls up. Hmm. Maybe Ronaldinho and I have two things in common: we’re both Aries and we’re always late. I know he’s Aries, because I read some of his Wikipedia page after I saw him in Xiamen. I’m still not a stalker, just curious, LOL!

I thought: “Amazing! I’m watching Ronaldinho walk the red carpet in China.”

My friend Maycon, Ronaldinho his Interpreter

Life is amazing! Brazil is right next door to my country, but I see him in real life in China. I got the opportunity to hold his hand, which are very soft. The moment I was about to ask him for a picture, people swarmed at me from all sides. They came out of nowhere! I thought, “Girl, don’t do it. You didn’t come to China to die, so go back to his hotel tomorrow.”

Since I don’t like reading long blogs, I won’t write a long blog, either. I’m sure you want to know how I managed to take a picture with him, so click here to read the second part.

Much LOVE to you all!