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The first time the government told me I would be coming to China, I was a bit disappointed that I wouldn’t be living in Beijing. The school of my choice was the Beijing Language and Culture University. Since this scholarship is for government employees and only for Xiamen, I had to come here. I must be honest and say that I was totally bummed out when I realized Jimei (集美) would be my home for the next coming years. What was so great about Jimei? For starters, Xiamen (厦门), the […]

My Life in China
new year's resolutions

New year’s resolutions… I make them every year, but unfortunately, I don’t end up keeping all of them. The most important new year’s resolution for 2017, is taking the HSK  (汉语水平考试) level 5 exam. In order to fulfill one of the resolutions that makes it onto the list every year, I need to pass this important exam. More than two weeks into the new year, and this my first blog post. Happy new year to you all! Any new year’s resolutions (y’all plan on not keeping)? Usually when the new […]

My Life in China
exotic black woman

Adjusting to life in China hasn’t been easy. It is the first time in my life that I am really aware of my race, like you have no idea. I know I am a Black woman, but that’s not something that’s stuck in the back of my head when I exit my house (in my country). Sure, there’s racism, but I never felt out of place. Back home, I’m just a woman. In China, I am a BLACK woman. It took a while to get used to being openly discriminated […]

My Life in China

Picture: My beautiful friend, Chiara, holding up a shirt of one of the players. He didn’t play as well as Balotelli, LOL. Before I start, I need to apologize for m absence. If you’ve read my previous blogs, you already know I arrived almost two months after classes started. I had to catch up AND prepare for midterms, which were less than two weeks away a that time. Afterwards, a little busier reading some books to expand my vocabulary. NOW… My weekend was relaxing. Spent the entire Saturday in the […]

My Life in China
Chinese food

My first two weeks back were horrible. I had diarrhea almost every single day. It’s not pleasant to hear about this, I know, I’m sorry, LOL. It was every single day! Since I had this exact same problem my first couple of months here, I really didn’t think I would have this problem again. I read somewhere that once your body gets used to certain bacteria, you won’t have any problems anymore. I thought I was safe from food poisoning, but boy, was I wrong. Well, it seems I have some more […]

My Life in China
Chinese language exams

Chinese language exams are around the corner. Imagine my surprise when I heard the news. I am completely overwhelmed. Come to think of it, worrying is unnecessary. I haven’t missed that much. Well, 阅读 I do have a lot to catch up on. They’re up to page 88. OY VEY! Have I mentioned how difficult this year’s book is? I will remind you again by adding the picture I used in an earlier post. Last year’s Chinese language exams were relatively easy. I wonder what 阅读 will be like this […]

My Life in China
Thai King

I think it was my first week in China when Thai King Bhumibol passed away. The entire Thai community on campus is in mourning. I knew that he was sick, for my roommate is Thai. The day before his death, all  Thai students wore something yellow to class. It was kind of like sending support to the Thai King on his sick bed, which later became his death bed. It is absolutely the very first time in my life that I see people actually sad over the death of their […]

My Life in China
Chinese Class

Chinese class is now in session, ladies and gentlemen! Had my first classes on Monday. Some of the classrooms received a drastic makeover! I love it! State of the art equipment! There are cameras in every corner of the classroom. We have to stand up to answer questions, so we appear on the TV screen. No more whiteboards and blackboards. Everything is digitalized. In one word: AWE-MAZING! Apparently the school wants to “spy” on its teachers, LOL. They wish to evaluate their teaching methods. Well, they can pimp all of […]

My Life in China - Chinese Version
learning Chinese

Learning Chinese again, people! I arrived almost two months late. Why? I thought classes started around the second week of September, for that’s when they told me to arrive last year. So, I just assumed I needed to be back around that time. Besides my stupidity, I didn’t have a passport. Before I left for China in September 2015, I knew my passport would expire in less than a year. My Daddy told me to apply for a new one before leaving Suriname, but I was so happy I would […]

My Life in China
learning about blogging

Blogging is more than just a hobby for me now. It’s more of a necessity. I never knew one could get addicted to blogging. When I started my first blog, I used Blogger. One of the main reasons I did that, is because its so easy to navigate. Some time afterwards, I started seeing beautiful self-hosted blogs and thought, “THAT is what I need to do! See you, Blogger!” What I didn’t know at the time, is that if one buys one of those pretty themes from Themeforest, you also have […]