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Take a look in the way a crazy-multi-lingual-optimist chooses to spend her days. Oh, I'm talking about myself, in case you were wondering.

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Chinese Class

Chinese class is now in session, ladies and gentlemen! Had my first classes on Monday. Some of the classrooms received a drastic makeover! I love it! State of the art equipment! There are cameras in every corner of the classroom. We have to stand up to answer questions, so the camera turns to us. No more whiteboards and blackboards. Everything is digitalized. In one word: AWE-MAZING! Apparently the school wants to “spy” on its teachers, LOL. They wish to evaluate their teaching methods. Well, they can pimp all of our […]

My Life in China - Chinese Version
learning Chinese

Learning Chinese again, people! YES! I’m back in China! Though I’m super excited about learning Chinese again this year, one thing has been on my mind for almost four days… Me Before You. Before I get to that, let me enlighten you about my trip. I spent almost four and a half hours wandering around Schiphol Airport, then off to China at 12.30. This time was far better than the last time I travelled back home. I had to leave China before July 10. That’s the expiration date of my old passport. Long […]

My Life in China
learning about blogging

Blogging is more than just a hobby for me now. It’s more of a necessity. I never knew one could get addicted to blogging. When I started my first blog, I used Blogger. One of the main reasons I did that, is because its so easy to navigate. Some time afterwards, I started seeing beautiful self-hosted blogs and thought, “THAT is what I need to do! See you, Blogger!” What I didn’t know at the time, is that if one buys one of those pretty themes from Themeforest, you also have […]


Ashleen is one of the most remarkable people I’ve met. The day I stalked and snapped a picture with Ronaldinho, is also the day I added one new person to my circle of friends. How met is interesting. I don’t remember the exact details of how she managed to get close to Ronaldinho his entourage. Lucky her! She spent a couple of hours with them. After I took my  pictures with him by the elevator, Maycon appeared with a group of other people. He walked over to the elevator, and […]

My Life in China

Ronaldinho Gaucho… yes, I know who he is. I “met” him in China. Why is the word “met” between quotations? Well, when you meet someone, you usually tell them your name. I know his name, of course, but I didn’t officially shake his hand to introduce myself. There was no time, and he’d probably forget my name the a second after hearing it. My name isn’t the easiest to pronounce, and I’m pretty sure he hears a lot of names on a daily basis. Do I know anything about soccer? […]

My Life in China

FYI: R10 is a nickname for Ronaldinho. I had to differentiate between part one of the blog and this one, so I will refer to Ronaldinho as R10 here. I returned to his hotel the next day. Same old story again. Sat in the lobby for almost two hours. To prevent myself from getting kicked out, I ordered a cup of tea. I paid 60 Renminbi for that tea. Before I left for his hotel, I told Maycon to keep his phone nearby, because I’m getting that picture with R10. […]

My Life in China

凤凰对苏里南高高兴的说: “再见苏里南!” 说“再见苏里南” 真的不容易。我舍不得离开妈妈,舍不得离开爸爸,我姐姐和她的孩子。2015 年初的时候,我知道这一年我的生活会有所改变。但是,我并不知道会有这么大 的变化。这一年,我收获了很多,我学会了怎么去体谅别人。在此之前,我犯了很多错,因为我不会体谅别人,这种性格真的不好。有的时候,我们应该离开我们熟悉的环境。每个家庭都有自己的问题,每个人也在跟自己斗争中成长,这是一件很艰难的事。你的家人也许并不真正了解你,他们对你的判断也可能是错的。这时,我们应该离开他们,去一个陌生的地方。来到中国是我认为,我做得最好的一件事情。因为在这儿我开始了解自己,认识自己。我做了很多的改变。在离开苏里南的时候,我知道不可能就这么快回去 。我的晚会跟我的家庭真的很好玩儿。 那天我不知道我的表妹多在我们的阿姨的家。他们送给我蛋糕,他们都很高兴我能渠道中国学习中文。我真的很惊讶! 因为我不太喜欢蛋糕,所以我只吃了一小小的口蛋糕。我不知道如果那个蛋糕好吃,我不喜欢那样儿的蛋糕。今年九月我又再说这句话。 再见苏里南   如果你们看有些东西我写了不对了,请你们告诉我!    

My Life in China - Chinese Version
annoying questions

Think of the most annoying questions someone ever asked you. Now imagine multiple people asking you that same annoying question on a daily basis. Being Black in China has its ups and downs. The downsides are, that I had to get used to the constant stares. It seems hard to believe, but there are still some Chinese who’ve never seen non-Chinese people before. Every single place I went, people took pictures of me. Did they have my permission? No. They just snap away. Some do have the courtesy to ask if […]

My Life in China
ordering Chinese food

Ordering Chinese food is another thing that complicated my first month in China. As you’ve read before, my first month in China was a disaster. I’m a loner, but I felt out of place for a while. It had more to do with not having a group I belonged to. I realized everyone wants to belong somewhere, but I belonged nowhere. Because of that, I started socializing with Chinese people. That’s also how my Chinese improved the way it did. I forgot to tell you about the Surinamese young man […]

My Life in China

Moving to a new place is challenging. Imagine packing up your stuff, selling everything you own, to move to the other side of the world. I did that. Of course many did that before me, it’s nothing special. But when you’re the only one in your family who’s ever changed their life so drastically, it’s very special. Now let’s get to it: COMMUNICATION! It’s one of the most important words for every living creature under the sun. I know, my classmates all look really nice, right? That’s because they ARE! Although […]

My Life in China