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Everyone is given the same 24 hours in one day, but we all choose to spend it differently. I chose to spend some time on the other side of the world, experiencing new things.

I am grateful for the many experiences, the many great people I've met. Take a look into my life. Well, some part of it. Enjoy!

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In the smallest plane I’ve EVER been in in my entire life! Aside from the pilot, it fits five other people. We were on our way to the interior. I love my job! In a previous post I talked about some of the work I did in Suriname. I loved working as an unofficial Interpreter for two very amazing cultural anthropologists. We met when they were in search of people who spoke both Spanish and Portuguese. They had to do research for the Ministry of Health concerning HIV and STDs. It […]

Government Class

One of the MCs of the night! I didn’t want to do, I was forced to. The Overseas Government Class Graduation was on July 4, 2016. My classmate and friend, Ae Kung, told me I had to be one of the MCs, there was no way out. ME? OY VEY! Since I’m the only Surinamese Government employee here, I had to represent my country. I told them to give me very few lines, and thank God they listened to me. I wasn’t thrilled about it at all, but there was […]

My Life in China
teaching english in china

Before I moved to China, I spoke to a friend of mine who’d lived and studied here for over nine years. She lived in the north, very far from here. Her life here was a little difficult at first, for she missed her family a lot. But, she was also blessed to find great friends. Through her, I got to know many foreign students teaching English in China as a part-time job. Since my arrival, it has been clear to me, that the paler the skin, the prettier you are […]

My Life in China

Image Source – Rolling Stoned NL I love adventure! No idea where I get that from, because my parents really aren’t thrill seekers. Before I tell you about a very exciting part of my life back home, let me tell you where exactly my beautiful country is. Though my beautiful country is located in South America, it is part of the Caribbean Community. Our country’s history and that of the Caribbean islands, is the same. We had slaves brought over from Africa, then Asian indentured laborers. I also think some island […]

Chinese drinking game

It was a Saturday night, I was at my favorite coffee shop. A friend of mine, Hai Bin (海滨) invited me out for drinks. He and his girlfriend just broke up, so he was a bit down. Besides, his sister was in town, and he wanted us to meet.   I don’t know why I sometimes look like something a cat coughed up, but I do. It’s not always true that a picture speaks a thousand words, I’m cute, LOL! He has become a good friend, we often have lunch […]

My Life in China

Looking back at my first year in China, is amazing. I have learned so much, grown so much, and also met a lot of amazing people. Some will be my friends for life! Before I continue, I need to apologize for the quality of the pictures. They were taken with great camera’s, but somehow, they look pretty crappy here. One thing these ladies love, is taking a good picture. All of them ready to pose for the camera. I guess it’s an Asian thing, because Chinese take selfies all day, […]

My Life in China
birthday girl

Birthday Girl, that is ME! Happy 32 birthday to me! I thankful to be a year older, definitely wiser, and much happier than ever before. Extremely grateful to God Almighty for guiding me through hard times, taking toxic people off my path, and keeping me out of harm’s way. My life wouldn’t be so full of love and amazing family and friends, if it weren’t for God, Our Father. How did the Birthday Girl spend her first birthday abroad? Keep reading! Last year was my first year abroad, my first […]

My Life in China
PMS binge eating

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) refers to physical and emotional symptoms that occur in the one to two weeks before a woman’s period. Symptoms often vary between women and resolve around the start of bleeding. Common symptoms include acne, tender breasts, bloating, feeling tired, irritability, and mood changes. Often symptoms are present for around six days. – Source: Wikipedia PMS is very real, people. Mine is different every single month. Some months I smell like wet dog, then I have to change deodorant. I always buy two types of deodorant, just in […]

My Life in China
Guangzhou cuisine

Guangzhou cuisine! Time for some food! I have the afternoon off every Friday, so my friends and I decided to go to a restaurant. The good thing about China, is the opportunity to try different types of food. The bad thing, is the lack in good quality food. I have written about my trouble adjusting to the food here, that’s no secret. But, since a couple of weeks, I have come to love street food a lot! My roommate loves food, so she suggested we try this new restaurant. I […]

My Life in China
writing romance

I often thought it would be easy to write the perfect romance. And why not? I’m a woman, the majority of romance novel readers are women, of course I can do it! I mean, I know what women want to read, right? WRONG! I’ve been walking around with the idea of becoming a published author, for many years now. It all started when I was still in high school, and very obsessed with the boy-band B2K. MSN was very popular at the time, so there were many groups dedicated to […]

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