Jimei life

My friends and my roommate seeing me off, helping me say goodbye to my Jimei life. I still miss my classmates dearly!

I haven’t had much time to sit down and blog about my first year in Jimei. My Jimei life is and was amazing. Allow me to take you back to my last day here.

Jimei life

Walk in Jimei, my home for one year

I woke up, went for a walk in my favorite neighborhood. This place is my home away from home. Life in Jimei has been great to me. I met many great friends, learned Chinese, and had an amazing time. These are experiences that are mine, and no one can take that away from me. Since my arrival in China, I’ve become very fond of walking.

Jimei life

Jane Eyre, my favorite hair salon

After my walk, I went over to my favorite hair salon. I went to wash my hair, and to say bye-bye to my friends there. A week or two before my departure, they persuaded me to color my hair. They said my normal color was ugly, I needed to spice it up a bit. Now, I wish I’d never done that. My hair broke like crazy! That’s when I decided to start my natural hair journey.

Jimei life

With one of my hairdressers. Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten his name

I took turns taking pictures with all of the hairdressers there. My first two months there, I didn’t understand a word they said. We used this app called Pleco to communicate with one another. It was all quite amusing. I don’t know this guy’s name anymore, so sorry about that. He arrived there a week or two before my departure, so I didn’t really make an effort to memorize his name. Oh no, that’s a lie… I remember now… His name is Xiao San.

Jimei life

Xiao Ya and I

My relationship with this young man is very interesting. At first, he didn’t want to do my hair, he was too scared. He’d never seen “Black hair” before. All of them were afraid of me and avoided me, he was the worst! But in the end, he and I became such good friends, he wondered why he avoided me in the first place.

Jimei life

With another hairdresser.

I enjoyed our talks so much! They would help me with my Chinese, I would try to teach them English. Sometimes when I had time, I’d go over there and have lunch with them. Once I understood the language better, I discovered these guys are so funny, so full of life, and very positive.

My first taste of Jimei life was amazing!

Though I loved the experience, I wasn’t sure I’d be back for another year. Now, I am, but I wasn’t so sure at that time. There were a few things I needed to take care of in my personal life, so I wasn’t sure. Glad that all worked out, because my second year of experiencing Jimei life, is even better!

Jimei life

My friend and I. Ricky is from Indonesia.

After my chat with my friends at the hair salon, I returned to school for a quick shower. I bumped into Ricky, a friend from Indonesia, on my way up. Afraid we wouldn’t see one another again before I left, I immediately asked him to take a picture together. He didn’t want to, he said he looked like a scarecrow, but I didn’t mind.

Jimei life

With my friends, Ayesha and Enrique. We went to their university, Jimei University.

Last, but not least, I had a quick lunch with my friends Ayesha and Enrique. I was ssssoooooooooo tired! The plan was not to sleep, to exhaust myself, and sleep the entire flight. It’s a thirteen-hour-flight from Xiamen to Amsterdam, more or less.

Jimei life

Jimei University

Jimei University is one of the biggest university I’ve seen. Xiamen University is bigger, though, it’s HUGE! I like the architecture of this campus, it’s a weird combination of modern and “antique.” I spent the entire afternoon tiring myself out, then went to the airport at night for my flight to Amsterdam.

Jimei life

At Schiphol International Airport

I slept 95% of the flight, but I was still exhausted when I arrived at Schiphol. When I got there, I had to wait another twelve hours to board my plane to Suriname. I slept in one of those lounge chairs, took a half bath in the bathroom. How I wish there were showers in the transit area.

I wonder what it will be like when I say goodbye to my Jimei life four months from now.









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