greek food

Greek food in Xiamen, people! It’s no secret Chinese food has been very mean to my stomach. My first two weeks back, I ran to the toilet every three hours. I couldn’t keep anything down. It was absolutely horrible. Can you imagine how terrible it is to not be able to eat? During that time, I only drank soup and ate fruit. A very good doctor friend told me to eat bananas. They helped me a lot.

Three to four months after my arrival in China, I decided it was time to take a walk on the wild side. My first year in China I’d spent so much money on eating in foreign restaurants… I wanted to try something new. What was that “something new”? STREET FOOD!

Over a year ago, a friend of mine invited me to dinner. That’s when I discovered Golden Olives and their Greek food.

A very interesting and beautiful young woman I had met, was going back home to Barcelona. That was a time when I had been in Jimei for over eight months, but I never really explored the place. The food isn’t the best I’ve EVER had, but it is the best I’ve had in China. Since my first time with Sara at that restaurant, I’ve been back a couple of times. It was also the place I had my birthday dinner.

greek food

At my birthday dinner – April 9, 2017

That day was a great day! Not only is the food affordable, it’s also pretty good. I’ve never had any problems afterwards. So glad I found a place where I don’t have to run to the bathroom every three hours after eating there. Haven’t tried everything on the menu yet, but I will. It was my first time tasting Greek food, so I can’t really critique Golden Olives. But so far, so good. I like it.

greek food

The inside of Golden Olives in Jimei’s WanDa Plaza

Another thing I like about this place, is the interior. The lamps really give the place a bohemian feel. Well, at least I think so. Below, you’ll see two pictures, one has a black version of the lamps, the other one has a white version of them. In my opinion, the interior decorator of this place really spent a lot of time on choosing the right colors and materials.

greek food

Another one of my favorite restaurants in Xiamen. It’s the GOLDEN OLVIES restaurant chain

Before I put up some pics of the Greek food I tried there, I’ll add some more of the interior.

greek food

I love the color scheme!

So sorry for the blurriness of the pictures! They were taken with my phone. Every single thing was chosen with care, I think they did a really great job! In the picture below, you can see the stairs. This leads to the second floor. Many people throw their birthday parties here, or go on romantic dinners with their significant others.

greek food

Last year the letters weren’t painted black, they were white. But in all honesty, I think it looks better this way. The color of the letters compliments the lamps’ dark color

In the left corner (under the stairs) is “my spot.” I’ve been there a couple of times. By myself, of course. Went there with my friends once for my birthday. Also met up with a friend there once or twice, but mostly, I dine solo. A couple of yeas ago, I hadn’t the courage to do that. Drinking a beer by myself and talking to the bartender, that was okay. But eating alone…I wasn’t ready for that then.

Now… for some Greek food!!! YUM!

greek food

I had some grilled chicken

My thoughts? The grilled chicken as okay. They didn’t attack my food with black pepper. Most foreign restaurants in China, they think the more black pepper they use, the better. This is especially true if the chefs are Chinese. Traditional Chinese food (CAN BE good) isn’t as tasty. I don’t taste any salt, black pepper or any other kind of seasoning. Most foreigners I’ve met, complain about this. Maybe that’s why they go crazy with the black pepper in foreign restaurants.

greek food

My grilled chicken and Greek salad with feta cheese and some olives

I liked the salad very much. The vegetables were fresh, the cucumber wasn’t bitter, the dressing was on point. What I didn’t like, were the red onions. Not sure if they’re aware, but when onions are going to be put in a salad, they need to soak in ice water for a while.

greek food

My Greek salad with feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers and some bread.

The olives aren’t my favorite, but they taste good when you take a bite with all of the stuff… you know, the cucumber, tomatoes, cheese, etc. Aside from the taste of the onions, the salad was good. It’s also very healthy. Another thing I didn’t like about the salad, is that it had the same bread sticks as my main course. So, it was bread on bread. That’s a whole lotta bread!

greek food

This is what my Greek salad looked like when it arrived at my table.

If you are ever in Xiamen, go to WanDa Plaza, look for Golden Olives, and enjoy! When I return, I will blog more about other items on their menu!


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