graduation party

Graduation PARTY! It really was a PAR-TAAYY!!! So, as I wrote in my last post, I was asked to be one of the MCs again. Since I am the only Surinamese here, I have to represent my country during every single event. Sometimes it gets so exhausting! Especially since almost every single thing in this school is done last minute.

This year’s graduation party was amazing! I had so much fun!

Taking many selfies really isn’t my thing (anymore), so I really admire my classmates. I’ve never met people who love taking pictures so much! They photograph every single thing! Every single thing is immortalized. Maybe it’s something I should do as well, since I blog. GRRR! Makes me think about the idiot that reinstalled my laptop! I asked him to save my pictures, he didn’t. He said all he saw, were downloads. Not even going to talk about that motherfather now.

graduation party
On stage, getting ready for my “Thank You” speech. I was so nervous! My apologies for the quality of the picture.

I literally rewrote my speech half an hour before I had to hit the stage. “Last minute” also goes well with me. Seems that I operate better when I’m under pressure. My best “work” comes out at that time. Sitting at that table, I wrote down words that came straight out of my heart.


我叫凤凰,我来自南美洲,苏里南教育部。我是一名英语老师和政府翻译。今晚我也有心里话我想对老师说。我第一月来到中国,我真很不开心了。我从南美洲来到一个很远的地方,语言、文化、食品,怎么都不同。但是,有一个很热情的老师专门抽空,来到华文学院帮我学习汉语。她总是对我很热情、很耐心,让我很开心。她是我来中国以后第一个朋友。林明贤老师,十分感谢您的关爱,十分感谢您的耐心。您相当于我妈妈一样!我们有困难时,我们会发现谁是真的关爱我们的、谁真的是我们的朋友。杨老师,感谢您的帮助!对所有老师我想说:“祝您射你健康、工作顺利!” 谢谢!

In case you understand the language, great. If not, Google Translate does wonders, believe me! Everyone loved my words, LOL! Personally, I think I could’ve done better, but it really came from the bottom of my heart. My teacher was moved, so it served its purpose.

The graduation party was so great, the teachers left us alone in the hotel.

Yes, you read it! They left us alone in the hotel! Don’t worry, we were in the dining room. We danced the night away! They only played Thai music, which was okay. They’re the majority, so… no escaping that. But, I do have to say that I enjoyed myself tremendously. Below are some of the many pictures that were taken that night. Thank You, God. It would not have been possible without you!

graduation party
With Argi, one of the many people I’ve met this year.


graduation party
So… I know I am supposed to know her name, but I’ve seen her once or twice… in a whole year. I do know she’s Thai… other than that… *crickets chirping*


graduation party
With another Thai person whose name I don’t know. Guess what? It was also the FIRST TIME I’d seen him!


graduation party
With a group of first-year-students. Jet, Cesar and … I don’t know the last one her name, we’ve never been formally introduced. But I like her!

Thank You, God. My life is amazing!