graduation 2017

Graduation 2017 was an amazing event. I had so much more fun than I did last year. Last year I was very sad. Why? At that time, I was going through some personal turmoil. I had just started living the life I’d always envisioned for myself, and it was time to go home. It was so unfair!

I was asked to be one of the MCs again, as I’d predicted earlier. But, I didn’t want to do that this year.

This year, I was so OVER the whole MC idea. One of my classmates contacted me via WeChat on June 24. She told me that our graduation dinner was June 30, and I had to be one of the MCs. One thing I really HATE about this school, is that every single thing is soooooo LAST MINUTE! And the funny thing is, they expect you to just drop everything and go to whatever event they’re organizing that time.

graduation 2017
With my friends and classmates, Thidawan, Nattiy & Hughes. Yeah, I know my forehead is all shiny, and all. I used to dislike the size of my forehead, but now, I embrace my not-so-small forehead.

It was super hot in the morning, like HELLA HOT! I have no idea how and WHY it gets so HOTTT here in Xiamen. So before you ask, I did have a blazer (jacket), it was just toooo hot to wear it. Our graduation dinner was at night in some hotel. Since the Thai Foregin Government Employees group is the biggest, they are in charge of organizing our graduation dinner every year.

I had the option of being one the MCs or say a word of thanks to our teachers. That seemed like a better choice for me. This year, I took the chance to thank a teacher who’s always been amazing to me. Last year, when I had tremendous trouble fitting in, she helped me out A LOT!

graduation 2017
With my friend from Indonesia, Morisz de Qualer. We have become very good friends! It’s a friendship I will cherish forever! <3

Finally, at our dinner, I thanked my favorite teacher for everything she did for me. Graduation 2017 truly was an amazing night. So much laughter, love, and many pictures!

The night was amazing. I had some drink (haha!), ate some food (wasn’t really good), and danced to Thai music. Everyone was in a good mood. What I loved most about the night, were two openly gay Thai guys dancing the night away! WOW! They dance so well! I wish I’d filmed it!

graduation 2017
Another one of Morisz and I. I will miss his good sense of humor, his optimism, and the way he treats everyone like they are his best friend! Truly an amazing person! <3 <3

Like I’ve stated many times before, I detest long blog posts. The second part of the night with more pics and my speech will be up soon!