Chinese drinking game

It was a Saturday night, I was at my favorite coffee shop. A friend of mine, Hai Bin (海滨) invited me out for drinks. He and his girlfriend just broke up, so he was a bit down. Besides, his sister was in town, and he wanted us to meet.


Chinese drinking game
Hai Bing and I.

I don’t know why I sometimes look like something a cat coughed up, but I do. It’s not always true that a picture speaks a thousand words, I’m cute, LOL! He has become a good friend, we often have lunch together. When he invited me out for drinks, I knew it would be an evening filled with alcohol, and the Chinese drinking game.

I don’t really know the name of the game, I also don’t understand it. All I know, is that dice are used to play. Not sure, but I think one has 5 dice. When we go out drinking again, I’ll pay more attention, then explain it in a different post. I don’t know the name, so I call it the Chinese drinking game.

When playing the Chinese drinking game, all I know, is that if you guess wrong, you have to drink.

Chinese drinking game
Snacking while drinking

Snacking while drinking is a MUST for me. I like a beer every now and then, but I don’t stock my fridge with beer. Once in a while, maybe once every three months, I’ll go out and have a beer or two. Heineken is my favorite! We were in a group of seven people, most of us his friends. I enjoyed it very much.

Since I’m in China, I will need to pay more attention to learning the rules of the Chinese drinking game. Also need to learn the real name, in Chinese.

One of my favorite things to do when drinking, is to smoke shisha. I LOVE it! It’s one thing I will buy for my apartment/house in the future! Will need to hide it when I have kids, LOL! The quality of the picture is very poor, my battery was super low. But isn’t the shisha lovely?

Chinese drinking game
Dice used to play the Chinese drinking game

Again, the quality is poor, I promise to get some better shots next time! Do any of you know how to play this Chinese drinking game?