My Life in China
My Life in China - Chinese Version
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annoying questions

Think of the most annoying questions someone ever asked you. Now imagine multiple people asking you that same annoying question on a daily basis. Being Black in China has its ups and downs. The downsides are, that I had to get used to the constant stares. It seems hard to believe, but there are still some Chinese who’ve never seen non-Chinese people before. Every single place I went, people took pictures of me. Did they have my permission? No. They just snap away. Some do have the courtesy to ask if […]

My Life in China
ordering Chinese food

Ordering Chinese food is another thing that complicated my first month in China. As you’ve read before, my first month in China was a disaster. I’m a loner, but I felt out of place for a while. It had more to do with not having a group I belonged to. I realized everyone wants to belong somewhere, but I belonged nowhere. Because of that, I started socializing with Chinese people. That’s also how my Chinese improved the way it did. I forgot to tell you about the Surinamese young man […]

My Life in China

Moving to a new place is challenging. Imagine packing up your stuff, selling everything you own, to move to the other side of the world. I did that. Of course many did that before me, it’s nothing special. But when you’re the only one in your family who’s ever changed their life so drastically, it’s very special. Now let’s get to it: COMMUNICATION! It’s one of the most important words for every living creature under the sun. I know, my classmates all look really nice, right? That’s because they ARE! Although […]

My Life in China

在来中国之前,我就常常与在中国留学的苏里南朋友聊天,因为这样能提前更好地了解中国。根据他们所说的,他们在中国并没有太好的经历,他们跟我说他们的很糟糕的经历: “中国人不喜欢洗澡,尤其夏天的时候!” “中国人不会用防臭剂。” “中国人很无礼。” “中国大多是种族主义者。” “中国人到哪都吐痰。” “中国人都只喜欢白肤金发。” 此外,他们就没有说更多的好话。当然,对此我并不是完全相信。为什么?因为每个人都有自己的家庭背景和经历,所以看法自然会有偏差。我认为我们对待别人的方式,正是他们对待我们的方式,而他们告诉我的关于中国的一切,也是别人告诉他们的。 “如果中国真的是世上最糟糕的地方,为什么他们还要在那个坏的地方生活?” 他们刚来中国的时候,对中国人已经有不好的印象了,这当然会影响他们的行为。我的想法是这样的:如果两个人有问题,他们俩都有错。 世界上任何一个地方肯定都有好人跟坏人,但是我不会让别人的看法和经历影响我的思维方式,我要自己去体会这一切。听了他们对中国的评价以后,我是这么想的: 这让我觉得很好笑。不过,我刚来中国的时候,确实感觉有点不安。我在逛街的时候,有些中国人看到我,就好像我是外星人一样。我真的不舒服,也喜欢走路 。来中国之前,我只知道我是一个女人。在苏里南有不同的民族。我从来觉得自己是少数民族。 在这儿我也是我第一次发觉我不仅是个女人,而且还是黑女人。在那时候,华文学院的苏里南朋友总是陪着我,如果遇到其他人的,他就会特意告诉别人我是苏里南人。我不了解为什么他要这样做。后来,他告诉我: “因为你是黑人,所以别人会认为你是非洲人。在中国非洲人的名声不太好。” 很糟糕的看法,对不对? 现在我在中国有八个月了,这八个月的经历经历,使我跟其他苏里南朋友的意见产生了分歧。中国人并不都是种族主义者;他们也不乱吐痰;也不都喜欢白肤金发的人。而我发现:有些中国人想跟外国人交朋友,是因为他们知道外国人大部分会说英语,而他们想要练习说英语。还有些中国人未经你的允许就随意给你拍照,这样做很无礼,我就经常被拍照,但我不知道为什么。此外,在中国有些饭馆不太卫生,厨房甚至很脏。我刚来时,每天都拉肚子,现在我已经习惯了,只是时不时还有小的问题。总之,我很高兴来到中国,也很庆辛来到这个美丽的地方。我觉得,如果我的朋友还觉得中国是上最糟糕的地方,他们可以去加勒比留学。我们护照是加勒比的, 我们不需要办签证。 每个地方都有坏事,也有好事,其实中国的经济比苏里南的好得多。苏里南人现在的生活非常糟糕。我希望我能继续学下去, 这样,我的父母以后就能依靠我了。      

My Life in China - Chinese Version
Chinese name

How I got my Chinese name is an interesting story. Before I tell you about that, let me tell you about my real name. It is not the easiest to pronounce. Mom and Dad named me “Sanrizz.” This name caused a lot of problems for me during my school years. People called me everything from “Sandrine” to “Zanderij,” I’ve heard it all. I don’t know what it means, neither do my parents. Mom’s favorite brother begged her to give me the name. The original idea was to name me “Tiara,” […]

My Life in China

Before my move to China, Beijing was the place I wanted to live. Extensive research on InterNations is the reason I was convinced there was THE place to be. Since I was changing my world completely, moving from one end of the world to the other, why not do it well? BLCU still is the school of my choice, that hasn’t changed… but… I don’t want to live there anymore! Why is that? Well, winters in Beijing are the worst! Upon my arrival in China, word reached us we would be travelling […]

My Life in China
lessons learned

“Lessons learned”… these are two words not everyone keeps in mind in their lifetime. Each day I become more aware of the fact that everyone learns, but some choose to ignore the lesson. We all make decisions based off of what we think is good for us. Moving to China and learning Chinese is a dream come true. Some of the most important lessons I learned were in China. They are things I already know, things I had already experienced earlier in life, but the lessons didn’t stick. As long as we don’t learn out of our experiences, […]

My Life in China
black china

Moving to China has been on my bucket list since the age of nineteen. I remember driving my Dad crazy, constantly talking about moving to China. Though dormant for a couple of years, this desire soon awakened again when I taught English to two Chinese young men living in Suriname. One of them grew up here, went to school here for eight years, so he understood some Dutch. Thank heavens, because our hour-long-classes sometimes seemed like three hours. The one born here acted as my Interpreter. I have to say, […]

My Life in China