My Life in China
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sunday lunch

My roommate is from Thailand. She and I met last year, when we both first came to China. We were in the same class. Her Chinese was far better than mine when we came, so she didn’t have any problem understanding our teachers. For me, that was a totally different story. Not only is she an amazing person, her birthday is April 8, mine is April 9. I thought we would be more alike, but we are as different as night and day. Nattiya is loving, kind, intelligent, positive, just […]

My Life in China
girl bonding

“Girl bonding” is very important. We all need girlfriends we talk to about “girl stuff,” which is everything from penis size, a mean girl from school who’s now a fat cow, to talking about getting a promotion at work. A few days ago, my roommate invited me to the movies. Beauty and the Beast had been playing for a few days, so she bought three tickets. One ticket for herself, one for our classmate, 李丽婷 (Li LiTing), and one for me. I love the cartoon, so why not go see the […]

My Life in China

Learning Chinese has been very interesting so far. The funniest thing, is that there are so many synonyms for one word, but they (sometimes) cannot be used interchangeably. That’s what’s a bit of a head scratcher from time to time, but it keeps things interesting. Let me tell you about some funny blunders I made learning Chinese. 筷子VS 快子 When I first arrived in China, I said to myself, “Girl, you’re in China now. You have to eat like Chinese, go out and get yourself some chopsticks.” A quick Chinese lesson […]

My Life in China
Chinese Christmas

Chinese Christmas… What’s there to say? First, Chinese people don’t believe in Christmas, it’s not an important day here, not even a holiday. The younger generation does (kind of) celebrate it, because of the exposure to Western culture. Most Chinese I’ve met, think everything “American” is cool. So, most things, mannerisms, what-have-you, are copied to a fault. My first Chinese Christmas sucked ass. Really sucked ass. It was my first Christmas (EVER!) not being in my country. It wasn’t the first I hadn’t celebrated with the family, but I was […]

My Life in China
Chinese street food

Chinese food hasn’t exactly been good to my stomach. So, I bet you’ll all be surprised when I tell you I’m trying Chinese street food? Now that my stomach has settled a bit, I am taking a walk on the adventurous side. When I came back in October, I had the runs almost every single day for three weeks. Not something you want to hear, I know, but it has to be told. I can’t predict the future, but I can tell you two things that will happen to you […]

My Life in China
natural hair

I’ve been chemically treating my hair since the age of twelve. As a graduation present from Mom and Dad, I relaxed my hair at the age of twelve. On my way to Secondary Modern School, I really wanted to belong to “the cool” crowd. What was not cool? Going to “big kids” school with my natural hair, my thick braids. Thanks to both my Grans, I have thick and beautiful hair. Of course I wasn’t proud of it at the time. All of the magazine covers graced with white women with […]

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  • photoshoots

    Me talking to 小李, barista at my favorite coffee shop

Oh, if you look at the picture, you’ll see what I mean when I wrote in my last blog that I’m tall here. I look angry, but I’m not. I’m just concentrating on my friend, she speaks fast, LOL. Photoshoots are part of every day life here in China, especially if you’re a foreigner. People take your picture without asking, but Chinese pose for pictures all the day the whole day. I bet they take more selfies than Kim K. Being a Black woman in China has its ups and downs. […]

My Life in China

The first time the government told me I would be coming to China, I was a bit disappointed that I wouldn’t be living in Beijing. The school of my choice was the Beijing Language and Culture University. Since this scholarship is for government employees and only for Xiamen, I had to come here. I must be honest and say that I was totally bummed out when I realized Jimei (集美) would be my home for the next coming years. What was so great about Jimei? For starters, Xiamen (厦门), the […]

My Life in China
new year's resolutions

New year’s resolutions… I make them every year, but unfortunately, I don’t end up keeping all of them. The most important new year’s resolution for 2017, is taking the HSK  (汉语水平考试) level 5 exam. In order to fulfill one of the resolutions that makes it onto the list every year, I need to pass this important exam. More than two weeks into the new year, and this my first blog post. Happy new year to you all! Any new year’s resolutions (y’all plan on not keeping)? Usually when the new […]

My Life in China
exotic black woman

Adjusting to life in China hasn’t been easy. It is the first time in my life that I am really aware of my race, like you have no idea. I know I am a Black woman, but that’s not something that’s stuck in the back of my head when I exit my house (in my country). Sure, there’s racism, but I never felt out of place. Back home, I’m just a woman. In China, I am a BLACK woman. It took a while to get used to being openly discriminated […]

My Life in China