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    Golden Olives, the restaurant where I had my birthday dinner

Two post are already dedicated to that marvelous day, but I would love to add one more.

birthday pictures

With two of my teachers, 李老师 and 王路老师

On my left (your right) is my 听力(listening comprehension) teacher. She is really funny. I am currently teaching her basic Spanish. She applied for a position at a Chinese Language school in Equador, so she wants to be able to say the basic stuff. I’m not a pro (yet), pero me defiendo, LOL! So I’m pretty confident I can help her. I also like the other teacher very much. For a long time, I didn’t know her name, I just referred to her as “Teacher Minnie.” Her WeChat handle (nickname) is “Minnie.” She loves Minnie Mouse.

birthday pictures

With my friends and classmates: TeeLong, Fah and Nes

These three are amazing. TeeLong is always very smiley, very happy. I love talking to him. Fah is so pretty and so nice. Nes… he doesn’t talk much, for his English is less than mediocre and his Chinese hasn’t improved much… so we don’t talk much. But I do like him very much!

Aside from the many birthday pictures, my friends also made a little video. I was a bit sad on this day, but they made my day MARVELOUS! I know I don’t look all too happy in the video, but believe me, I was!

My friend is an AMAZING photographer! I am so grateful she offered to take my birthday pictures.

birthday pictures

With Ammie and The Bella!

My two girls, Ammie and Chiara. Both of them beautiful and very fun! Ammie is one of the few people (Asian women) I can talk to about guys and sex. Not that we talk about it all day, the whole day, but sometimes… you just want to have some “girl talk.”

birthday pictures

With my friends Morisz, Athip, Jill, Isefera (Fera) and Steven

Morisz has become one of my best friends this year. He’s from Jakarta. We often go to a restaurant where the food costs 6 RMB, that’s less than US$1. Athip is from France, but he hails from Lao. He’s been in a relationship with Jill for a few years now. I love these two together. Whenever you see Jill, Athip is never far. By the way he treats her, it’s evident he loves her very much. Isefera and Steven have been dating since elementary school. So cute!

birthday pictures

With my birthday cake! Thanks guys!

My birthday cake! It was a good cake. Thank you to EVERYONE that chipped in to buy me this cake! I loved it! Well, I am used to the “diet chocolate” they sell here in China, so I think it’s good NOW! One of the (many) disappointments when it comes to food, is that chocolate doesn’t taste like chocolate. It tastes like chocolate made for people with diabetes.

birthday pictures


This was made of white chocolate. To my surprise, it was very sweet, tasted very good! It was mine and mine alone, so I ate it all by myself.

birthday pictures

With Morisz and Thidawan

Morisz gave me the most beautiful flowers, and Thidawan gave me the teddy! I love HIM! After she gave him to me, he never left my side. He sleeps next to me at night. I still have to give him a name, though. Any suggestions?

birthday pictures

With two acquaintances, Aline and … I forgot her name. Not on purpose, LOL. I just don’t see her very often.

Please forgive me if I don’t know the name of all the people in my birthday pictures.

The young lady in blue and I met on the bus. We were the only to non-Chinese (Black) on the bus, so we started talking. This happens a lot here. Us foreigners (Black people) (sometimes) randomly greet one another, start a conversation. I guess it’s because we all know we’re a minority here, and that most of us have not-so-pleasant experiences with some Chinese people.

birthday pictures

Yummy, yummy in my tummy!

birthday pictures

Thidawan and Hughes

Hughes Ong is a very nice young man from The Philippines. We met last year through a mutual friend. Most people here can’t pronounce his name. They call him “You” or “Huge,” hahahaha!

Aw shucks! I think I’ll add ONE LAST post with some more birthday pictures, LOL! There are just so many beautiful moments I want to share!


Much love! <3





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