Image Source – My ex-husband (before he married and divorced Sole, LOL)

Writing has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I have been doing it for more than thirteen years now. It all started with my obsession with Ginuwine. I think I was fifteen or fourteen at the time, and I’d force my best friend to read them. The obsession was so real, I even made her call me “Mrs. Lumpkin,” LOL. That’s Ginuwine his legal name, “Elgin Lumpkin.” Wow, the obsession was real. Glad that is something of the past now. I used to write in notebooks, give them to her every day after school. She said she loved the stories, has always encouraged me to write more.

Wait, wait, wait! If I started writing the Mrs. Lumpkin stories when I was fourteen, then I’ve been writing for over eighteen years! OY VEY! I seem to forget that I’m not so young anymore. Oh my! Thirty-three years and counting. I am in China, I’m following their traditions. There is an interesting birthday tradition here. A baby is one year old on the day he or she is born. One year later, friends and relatives get together to celebrate the baby’s second birthday (which would be his or her first birthday according to Western tradition). So, I’ll be thirty-three this year, not thirty-two. I think this actually makes sense, because you’re alive those nine months in the womb, or not? Thoughts?

Back to the subject at hand: writing. I also write in my journals on a daily basis now. My obsession with keeping handwritten journals started in my mid-twenties. It was right around the time I had so many feelings to deal with… A horrible breakup, my amazing Gran who started showing early signs of Alzheimer’s, and I hated my job (what else was new?).

Writing my feelings and thoughts was an escape for me. I got a real good look at myself when I read the things I had written.

I write in my journals as a form of therapy. It helps a lot. My Gran and I were building a very nice friendship. She was always strict when we were kids, and when I reached my early twenties, she and I really had some AMAZING conversations. It was nice to get to know her, the PERSON, the strong and lovely woman, who was my Gran. There were so many things I wanted to ask her, but alas, it worked out differently. That’s when I decided to chronicle my life in my journals. I have no idea when I will die, if I will be a mother or grandmother at that time. If my (grand)children are ever curious about me, they can read my journals. Yeah, they also better brace themselves for a whole lotta crazy!

So, I’m writing again, in both my journal, here, and my novel(s). Finishing and polishing a novel really isn’t so easy. I am thankful I have been given the opportunity to finish what I started decades (OY!) ago. On one of my daily walks through the neighborhood, I discovered a nice coffee shop not far from where I live. I go there three times a week to write/brainstorm/work on character development.

Favorite cake! It is sooo yummy!

Much love to you all!