Writing My Book: 5 Useful Tips That Work

Writing my book is a monumental challenge. I believe that I need to challenge myself from time to time. There is so much more to me than I know. So this year’s challenge: writing my book. The first book I finished was over seventeen years ago. Well, I did not finish it: I did not know how to end it. I was eighteen when I wrote it & B2K was a hot boy band. Like most girls, I was in love with Lil Fizz. This is something I mentioned earlier when I wrote about my book cover. Lol, I was so in love with Lil Fizz. The stupid things we do when we are young. But it was fun because we wrote our fan fiction on MSN Group message boards.

I based the story I wrote on the B2K fan fiction message board on Musiq Soulchild, his Halfcrazy. If you do not know that song, you are missing out. Click here to listen to it. Maybe I should write about it in the Song Of The Week series.

Now that I am writing again, I know what to do differently. Let me tell you about 5 tips that helped while writing my book.

Number one, you need to find out if you are a pantser, a plotter, or a plantser. When I wrote Halfcrazy in 2003, I was a pantser. I just wrote, and the ideas came while writing. My fan base was enormous: My story was one of the popular ones on the message board. But the thing is, I did not how to bring it down. The climax was there, yes… Now how to wind it down and end it? Before you write, figure out what best works for you.

Some authors are plantsers, but I now realize that I am a plotter 90% of the time. Over two months ago, I entered a writing competition here in Suriname, and I want my book to stand out. Hell, I want to win it. Outlining Your Novel: Map Your Way To Success by K.M. Weiland is a marvelous book.

If you buy that book, I recommend you buy this one, too.

Number two, pay attention to the story structure. This is another book by K.M. Weiland. What can I say? Her books are an amazing help. What is story structure? Click here to read all about it, for this blog will be too long if I write about it.

Number three, clean your workspace. I cannot stand clutter. It just makes it harder for me to concentrate. Tidy up and make sure you have everything you need. Me, I have my marker pens, other multicolored ballpoints, and those page marker stickers. Not sure if that is what we call them, so if you know, help a sister out with the name.

Really, a clean desk & room makes a lot of difference. Have I mentioned that I have a new desk? Oh yeah! And I am so inspired to write. I waited for the desk to arrive before I started writing.

Number four, write longhand. In the past, I plotted nothing & did not use character sketches. That is why now, when rereading Halfcrazy, I see character inconsistencies & lack of character development. I wrote everything in Word. Last week I bought two beautiful notebooks, and I write everything down in them. Let me tell you, the pre-writing stuff took me six to seven days. It is also is easier to make corrections in notebooks.

Number five, do character research. Writing characters is always tricky. If you are not careful, the characters might all sound and act alike. So when writing characters, think of unique things you like about people. What makes them stand out to you & why? Do you know what can help? Click here to download a book about creating unforgettable characters.

These tips work for me. In case you are writing your own book, I hope this helps.


Tiara Ray

I am grateful & blessed to have the life I live. (Soon to be) Traditionally published & self-published author in her mid-thirties. I unsuccessfully tried changing this picture numerous times, so I just left it. I wish you lots of love & may you get what you need. <3

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