Writing Issues: Plotting to P(l)antsing

Some writing issues are driving me a little crazy at the moment. If you are not a writer or you are new to writing, you will not know what I am talking about. I talked about this before, but let me explain it again. Let me make it easier for you; just click on this link and you will find the answers you seek. A couple of months ago, I wrote about entering a local writing competition. I wanted to do it right because the first (unfinished) novel I wrote in 2003 was kind of all over the place. That is when I realized I am a pantser.

I invested in some guides I found on this amazing writing website. Please check out Kristen Kieffer her website, you will not regret it. Seriously, it is a gem. Especially if you are just starting out and are confused about almost everything.

I am experiencing some writing issues at the moment. So much time was spent on plotting the entire book… and now I am pantsing

It is a little frustrating, because I spent almost two months plotting the entire novel. Everything from the character development to detailed outlining of each major story event.

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Sideline: Maybe I should learn to use a typewriter… if I can find one. I am pretty sure I will not find one in Suriname, oh no! But I can look for one when I start traveling again.

So, as I was saying earlier: I spent so much time plotting the novel, and now I am pantsing.

Over seventeen years ago, when I wrote my first unfinished novel, I did not know how to finish it. From start to finish, I pantsed the entire story. Which was fun and great! The characters just TOLD me what they wanted to do and I went with it. When I wanted to end it, now THAT was a challenge. There were so many subplots and main characters that I had to write a satisfying ending to ALL of their stories, which was exhausting. Besides, there was only ONE main character I really cared about.

This picture is a very accurate depiction of me seventeen years ago. Just substitute me for the man, minus the movie thingy on the left (no idea what they are called), and VOILA! That is a severely stressed author (ME)! Oh, wait! I found a better picture!

Those writing issues resulted in my abandonment of that novel. That will be one of THE longest fanfiction novels… EVER!

So, when I entered the writing competition, I decided to do things differently. But… I am pantsing through 90% of the story. Which is great, because I think I wrote some great dialogue, spiced up the backstory, and the character development is less generic.

When writing, I do keep my notes next to me for I need to know what happens next. But when I write it, I completely deviate from my notes. It is both funny and frustrating. If you are an author, please let me know if you can relate.

We are slowly reaching the deadline, which is September 15. Glad to say that the first draft will be finished by the time you read this post. Then I will re-read it, rewrite scenes or scrap some altogether.

If you read most author blogs, they will tell you that you need to draft, redraft, and redraft… ad nauseam. But, believe it or not, I am pretty confident about what I have written and the messages I want to send. I have accomplished that. The things I will need to change are the parts that will make me want to pull out my hair.

What do I mean? Ever read a book, and at certain parts in the book you go, “Why the fuck is this in here? Was the author just trying to hit the fifty thousand word mark?”

Lagging dialogue or stories is just boring. Believe me, I watch Tyler Perry shows, so I know how frustrating it is when characters talk just for the talking.

“You like baseball, right?”
“You know I do.”
“Uhu, I know you do.”
“That’s right, I do!”

“You sure enough do! You love that sport!”


Let me see where this pantsing takes me… I might just win the competition! <3


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