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I never thought I would enter a writing competition… but I did. If you are an artist, you know how sensitive you can get about your work. It is hard for me to be objective. My stories are my children, I love them more than life itself & I will fight you to the death defending them… if they were real people. All artists & creators have this with their work. It is never perfect & we seldom let people read or see our art when we are still polishing it. After reading this, you can imagine how anxious I was when I sent the first draft of my memoir to beta readers.

One of my Chinese friends gave me the most amusing feedback.

I love her feedback because she is so honest. Plus, I also think it is kind of funny, LOL. My sense of humor is different.

Hi Girl, sorry to tell you I have not finished your book. I hate my laziness now that we are not going to classes. We are having online classes now. I read about 51% of it. But I should not keep you waiting, so here is my feedback. I, myself, am not a fan of autobiographies & reading a book in English is quite a difficult task for me. So maybe I cannot give you a subjective response. But I will tell you what I think, anyway.

First, I like the part that you met Ronaldinho. I felt so great when reading it. Second, that you talk to your diary like a person does not interest me. I prefer a plot than an ‘inner world.’ Third, as a Chinese, it is interesting and different to see China through a foreigner’s eyes & love this a lot. Girl, I am also so happy that you mentioned me in your book! This is what I have to say, I hope it helps.

Leah 雅萍

I just love her! Leah is one of my best friends in China. We met when I taught a class about Presentation Skills at Jimei University. That is also where I met my other friend who is in my birthday post. Leah is honest, but not mean. I absolutely adore her! Most people dislike her because she can be very blunt, but that is precisely what I like about her. When dealing with people, I like to know who I am dealing with. No manipulation, just show me who you are & let me decide if I want to accept what you show me. I cannot stand ‘vague’ and fake people. It is just draining… and then I will block you. Block-a-doodle-doo!

One of my beta readers is actually the one who told me about the writing competition.

He and I met in the second week of January during a seminar. I liked him from the first moment we met. No, my interest in him was not romantic, I just liked his vibe. We started talking, and I asked him to read my memoir. He gave me some great feedback.

writing competition
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Now, I consider him a friend. He and I were chatting on WhatsApp & he sent me the link for the writing competition. At first, there was no contact information. Since I am still sensitive about my work, scared to let others read & judge my work, I kind of told myself there was no way for me to enter. If you read some of my Goodreads reviews, you will know that I regularly rip a lot of authors a new asshole in my reviews. Sometimes I cuss them out like you have no idea. Okay, to be fair: Most of the books I read are Indie Pubs. And let me tell you, some people publish a lot of shit online. Publishing has become easier, which has also lowered the quality. I am part of the Indie Pub community, but I TRY not to publish books that will drive my readers crazy.

Back to the writing competition… After having made excuses, I decided it was time to challenge myself. Something new to check off my bucket list for 2020. After I did some research, and I found two people from the organization to help me. I am now officially registered!

At the moment, I am revising a book. It is a book I worked on over ten years ago.

The pre-writing preparation took me six days. Sigh of exhaustion. It was very interesting, though. Now that I am working on this book again, my protagonist has changed a lot. In the past, I was the inspiration for this protagonist. But now, she is creating a personality of her own.

I have often read this, where authors say that the characters tell them who they are. And I never really understood it. But now… I do. She is telling me who she is, and I kind of like her.

Yours Truly is very excited about this competition. But I cannot lie: I am also nervous as fuck!

But that is a good thing! I always do well when I am nervous. Who knows? I might even win this thing!

Even if I win nothing from that organization, I still will have won the biggest prize of all. What is that? Belief! The belief in myself & my talent. I can do and achieve anything I set my mind to. So can you. <3


Tiara Ray

I am grateful & blessed to have the life I live. (Soon to be) Traditionally published & self-published author in her mid-thirties. I unsuccessfully tried changing this picture numerous times, so I just left it. I wish you lots of love & may you get what you need. <3


  1. This is great that you’re following your dreams. Go for it! Let us know when you win!

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