Strong and Positive Winds of Change

Winds of change are almost blowing me away because the change is THAT profound. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Did you miss me? I missed you! I was absent for a few weeks for two reasons. Number one, I did not write/schedule blogs in advance. Reason number two is that I took some time off of the world wide web to adjust to certain changes in my life. These changes happened overnight. Now I really believe that our lives can change within 24 hours (or less). I thank my spirit guides and the archangels that these drastic changes were all super positive.

These sudden and positive winds of change blew away a bunch of negativity I had in me.

Since I have been focusing on my personal growth, I realized I have so much to be thankful for. Seriously. When I think of all the amazing things and positive people (who truly care for me) I have in my life, I have nothing to complain about. 

I have never been someone who attaches importance to wealth and social status. Money is necessary for our survival, but it is not my God. Am I saying I cannot be bought? No, LOL, I am only human. Luckily, I have never been in situations like that.

But knowing what I know (and believe in) about the spiritual realm and karmic debt numbers, I will think five to six times before doing something that can influence my karma for a couple of lifetimes.

These positive winds of change are a blessing. Getting to know who I really am and my purpose is a blessing. Investing in my spiritual growth also is. As I have said repeatedly, I do not believe in God the way modern religion depicts God. I have a different belief and understanding about all of this. There is nothing anyone can tell me about myself that I do not already know. I know what I am capable of… the good, the bad, and the severely ugly.

What have I learned during this month?

  1. I would like to be a millionaire, sure, but I do not need a lot of money to be happy.
  2. Romance is lovely if it is mature and healthy, but I do not need romance in my life to feel complete. To tell you the truth, I avoid romance at all costs. Zero interest in it for now. If you happen to be romantically interested in me and you are thinking about asking me out… Here is a tip: DON’T.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

The third thing I learned is something I have known for a while now…

… and that is that I do not have any patience and tolerance for bullshit, drama, and everything and everyone who is a fucking negative ball of energy. FUCKKKKK OFFFF!

Until my next post, stay safe, blessed, and try not to be a fuckwad pain in the ass. If you are one, do humanity a favor and find out what your issues are and deal with them. You will be much happier. No guarantee you will not be a fuckwad anymore, but at least you will know why you are one.

Tiara Ray

I am grateful & blessed to have the life I live. (Soon to be) Traditionally published & self-published author in her mid-thirties. I unsuccessfully tried changing this picture numerous times, so I just left it. I wish you lots of love & may you get what you need. <3

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