visa application

The visa application process is a real beeeettchhh! That’s one of the things I dislike about my passport: we need a visa for almost every single freaking country in the world! So exhausting. I don’t understand this whole visa thing, to be honest. It’s like were telling people where they can and can’t go. If you’ve been reading my blogs for a while, you will know I don’t like being told what to do… by anyone. Just ask my parents, LOL! Rules are made for a reason, and I can follow them. But that doesn’t mean that I like it. Even at my places of work, I could follow rules up until a certain point. But, if they made no sense to me or were super UNFAIR, I’d be like, “So where do I hand in my resignation?”

JSYK, I am not an American and DO NOT have an American passport. I sometimes use pictures from Pixabay.

Earlier this year, I made plans to travel to The Netherlands. The visa application papers were sent to me very early, but I didn’t use them.

I bet you’re thinking, “You live in Suriname, a country that was terrorized and exploited by The Netherlands for CENTURIES, and you need a visa?” Yeah, I’m thinking it for you the same thing.

visa application

During that time, so much shit happened. Like, you have NOOOOO IDEA! I’ve reached a place in life where I can honestly say I’m content and at peace. Both with my life, the way it is now, and with myself. It took me a long time to get here, and I won’t allow anyone to disrupt that. So, I guess you kind of understand which direction I’m leaning towards here. If not, that’s OK.

The more I thought about it, the more I didn’t want to go.

Due to the unpleasant circumstances, I’d already decided I wouldn’t go. Also didn’t want to return home, I was in the mood for something else. Volunteering has always been on my to do list, so I thought I’d give that a shot. Italy was my choice, I mean, why not? I’ve never been there before & I want to see The Bella Chiara again.

But as I always say, “Shit happens when you’re making plans.” The school decided to cancel my scholarship. As of next year, I’ll be a regular student and not a government official (here).

I’d already paid the registration fee, but couldn’t pay the other fees.

The Chinese government decided to award this scholarship to a different country. I’ve applied for it three years in a row (it’s only supposed to be one year), and now it’s someone else’s turn. Actually, my second year it was awarded back to me, because I was such an outstanding student. *getting that dirt off my shoulder* Though it HURT me, I decided to use my volunteer money to pay my tuition. It will be my last year here, then I’m gone! Where to? I have some ideas šŸ™‚

visa application
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

After much consideration, I decided to start the visa application process.

My uncle helped me with the necessary documents, I received them July 31. I had changed my date from July 14 to August 18. The latest you can apply for your visa, is fifteen (15) days before your departure date. Which meant… I had to apply for my visa on August 3.

I hadn’t made an appointment yet… What to do? Getting an appointment at the TLS Contact Center isn’t easy! I waited until August 2 to do so. Woke up that morning, said to myself, “If you can find an opening for tomorrow, August 3, then it means you HAVE TO go!”

GUESS WHAT? I found an opening! There were two left! So… I took that as a sign that I had to go. Want to know what happened? Click here.