Unused Cell Phone: I Have Little Use 4 It

Cell phones (or mobile phones… whatever… poe-tay-toe, poh-taa-toe … or however it is spelled phonetically) are a Godsend. Indeed, they are. You can reach anyone anywhere, and you can call for help anytime anywhere. But… I have something to tell you: My cell phone is of little use to me, to be honest. Are you wondering how it is possible because we live in such an interconnected world? Well… it just is.

I quit social media in the second half of 2019. The prime reason I quit is that there was just too much noise online (and going on inside my head at the time). Seeing those fucking clickbait and unrealistic photos and updates on my IG just added to my irritation. Why? Because I know the Internet is (mostly) full of shit. People capture one millisecond of their life, choose the best fucking filter and pass that off as being their life. Do not drink the motherfucking Internet kool-aid. It is all smoke and fucking mirrors. That is my opinion, feel free to disagree.

So, let us talk about my unused cell phone and why you should never surprise me with one. NEVER gift me a cell phone. Waste of money. Give me a journal and a Mont Blanc pen instead. And I ONLY use Peter Pauper Press journals.

The first time I bought an iPhone was in 2018. I had a Samsung (do not ask me which one; I do not care & I have no clue) and it broke. That phone was two years old, and I did not see the need to buy a new one. And then it broke. FYI, fixing a Samsung phone in China is a bad idea; it is more expensive than buying a refurbished phone. So I bought a refurbished iPhone. I do not believe in spending a lot of money on something I hardly use.

Now, are you wondering how, and why my phone is useless? That is simple: Because I hardly ever use it.

If you think I am kidding, know that I am not.

The most important people I want to talk to every day are under the same roof as me. Out of my many cousins, I only talk to four of them regularly. Not that I do not love the others as much, I do, but I just have more in common with those four. We talk to each other on WhatsApp. The key thing I use my unused phone, for now, is taking photos for this blog.

Then there are my friends in China and other parts of the world. I also talk to them on WhatsApp and Wechat. But do you want to hear something funny?

I mentioned that I have an unused cell phone, right? Well, I have not used it to call anyone in over two months.

A friend of mine is the same as me, we call one another and send text messages. He does not use WhatsApp. When he sends a message and I do not respond after 24 hours, he usually calls me up because he knows I have no minutes. Not because I cannot afford them, it is just that I do not need them.

All I need are a laptop and a stable WiFi connection and I can work. The last time I used my phone to call someone was during that survey I did for SWM. Other than that, I do not call anyone. Seriously, I do not call anyone. I maybe get one phone call a day from a close friend. The number of messages I send on Whatsapp is… well, not many. Sometimes I do not send any messages… AT ALL.

Everyone I know calls via WhatsApp, they do not use their precious minutes. Oh, I have not left the house since the beginning of March, so I do not need mobile Internet, I use the WiFi.

But… do you want to hear something funny? My phone has issues, and it does not stay connected to the WiFi, so I have to reconnect every so often. People who want to call me via WhatsApp or communicate with me via that medium are often frustrated. I am more offline than online.

So when someone says, ‘I’ll call you tomorrow (via WhatsApp),’ I always ask: ‘What time?’ Then I know when to reconnect to the WiFi.

The fastest way to reach me is via e-mail. I kid you not. E-mail me & I answer within a minute.

My laptop is on 24/7 and I am notified the moment I get a new e-mail. If it is urgent, e-mail me. If I do not reply within half an hour, know that I am unreachable at that moment. Then, if you have my personal number, you can call me.

Even though I need a new phone I am reluctant to buy one. As long as people can still call me and I can send messages via WhatsApp & Wechat, I will keep using it. I think I just might buy a camera!

I will buy a camera! – Image Source

SO! That concludes this explanation about how little use I have for my phone.

Tiara Ray

I am grateful & blessed to have the life I live. (Soon to be) Traditionally published & self-published author in her mid-thirties. I unsuccessfully tried changing this picture numerous times, so I just left it. I wish you lots of love & may you get what you need. <3

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