United In Love by The Commodores [SOTW]

United In Love is the newest addition to the Song Of The Week series. I never thought sharing my favorite songs would be so much fun. Today I was speaking to a friend, and I told him he can use these songs to remember me by when I am dead. A few months ago, I told my niece that I will give her a playlist of songs to play at my funeral. Am I clairvoyant? Not at all. But I know I will leave this earth sooner or later. Melodrama aside, United In Love is another one of my favorite love songs. Love is a wonderful thing, I cannot stress that enough. Last week I published a blog with the first love song in the Song Of The Week series. This one is the second.

The angelic voices of The Commodores bring United In Love to life.

Lionel Richie was part of The Commodores for a while. He sang Three Times A Lady, another of my favorite love songs. How come most songs of that time were about love?

This song is one of my favorites because I can hear the love in the men their voices. I fall in love every single time I hear this song.

It isn’t always easy, we’ve been through a few hard times. But if we stick together, there is no mountain we can’t climb. With all that we’ve been through, and everything we’ve done. Nothing comes between us, we stand as one. United in love, there’s nothing we can’t rise above.

United In Love – The Commodores

For me, this is not only about romance. It also is about any kind of love. This is how I feel about my parents, my sister, and my close friends. Nothing comes between us. We might go at it, but we will stand as one.

But since I talked about romance before, are you falling in love, too?

Another verse of this magnificent song that I would like to share before I post the button with the lyrics:

And if you reach your hand out and your dreams just seem too far. Stand upon my shoulders, and you can touch that star. The road that we are on may lead into the night. But we will walk together into the light.

United In Love – The Commodores

The only man I have ever met to let me stand upon his shoulder to touch the star, to make my dreams come true… that man is my Father. He is the love of my life: Then, now, and forever.

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Listen to this song with your significant other. (S)He will thank you <3 Enjoy!

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