Two Weeks by FKA Twigs [Song Of The Week]

Two Weeks by FKA Twigs is my new Song Of The Week. I had no idea who she was until she started a relationship with Robert Pattinson. And until I heard her song in Power, I had never heard her music before. Speaking of Power, I really liked that show its first season. What was not to like? Hot, successful Black man who also dabbles in crime & has a lunatic for a best friend. Since I usually fall for men with brass balls, I adored Tommy (the lunatic best friend). Ghost is hot, sure, but I would not date him. He is a fuckass for choosing another woman over his wife. If he did not want her anymore, he should have divorced her. TOMMY, on the other hand, I would definitely date.

I dislike the lyrics of Two Weeks because I hate infidelity. But the beat in combination with her voice is addictive.

I know it hurts, I’d put you first, I can fuck you better than her.

Two Weeks – FKA Twigs

All right, already. Personally, I think if you will put so much commitment into replacing his girlfriend, just go find a hobby. But that is just me.

I can hear The Shame Bell Lady with that fucking bell again. Yes, I dislike everything this song stands for. But the way she sings it, it sounds so romantic. The combination of the beat & her vocal range is amazing. Here, I can make an exception and appreciate the artistry. Plus, she is a phenomenal dancer!

Two Weeks by FKA Twigs

I love the homage she paid to Queen Of The Damned in this video. Is she not a phenomenal dancer? ENJOY!

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