Til’ The Cops Come Knockin’ – Maxwell

Another Song of the Week! This week I decided to add some Neo Soul to this list. Neo Soul was really hot around the late nineties, early 2000s. I was a teenager then. The first Neo Soul artist I really liked was Erykah Badu. I mean, who in the world who grew up in that time does not know Tyrone? Maxwell is one of the pioneers of this genre. The first song of his I heard was Luxury Cococure in the late nineties, I think around 1998. I remember it because I fucking hated this song with every fiber of my being. During that time, I was in Amsterdam visiting relatives, and I would watch TMF and Sylvana Simons LOVED this song! She would play it all the fucking time.

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I just hated this song… so badly!

Til’ The Cops Come Knockin‘ is an old song, but I came across it today.

I was writing and listening to some Maxwell songs (I only liked Pretty Wings, Lifetime & This Woman’s Work), obviously nog Luxury Cococure. Then I stumbled across this song.

This is one sexy song! The entire vibe, the arrangement, his vocals, the video, it is all so sexy. I can imagine some babies being made during this song.

If I were in a loving relationship with a man and he said to me that he wanted to take me into the room, lock me up and love for days til’ the cops come knockin’, I would slam my wrist together as if to slap handcuffs on my wrists and say, ‘Clank, clank, Nigga. Handcuff me but don’t throw away the key.’

I have to say, after listening to Til’ The Cops Come Knockin’, I listened to more of his songs. He has an impressive body of work.


Courtesy of Maxwell’s YouTube Channel

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