Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge [SOTW]

Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge by Marilyn Manson is this week’s Song Of The Week. I already shared one Marilyn song a few months ago, now it is time for another one. Before listening to his music, I had no idea this guy could really sing. His vocal range is fucking crazy! And he is a great lyricist. Did you know that he writes most of his material himself? In this song, I assume he is talking about either a drug binge or a booze binge.

Hmm… I have never done either of them, but I have done a smoke binge before… Cigarettes! Not pot. Pot makes me go all ‘doomsday-end-of-the-world-we-are-all-going-to-die. So I do not smoke it. If there is such a thing. For quite some time I was a very heavy smoker.

This song I discovered the same way as I did No Reflection: YouTube Suggestions.

I love how Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge begins. Since I discovered this song, I have been trying to figure out what kind of guitar they are using.

The video of this song is beautiful and fitting. You can hear in his voice that, though he is with someone, he really wishes to be alone. Can you hear that, too? In the video, he is alone & dancing around a light, clapping his hands. Though he is showing that he has some rhythm, he is also showing that he is kind of disturbed by his current situation… and he is trying to deal with it.

I’ve got bullets in the booth, I’d rather be your victim than be with you.

Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge – Marilyn Manson

I fucking love that line!

He is telling his girlfriend he has bullets in the car’s booth, so he would rather shoot his brains out than to be with her.

That is WAAAAAAYYYYYY harsh!

Holy shit! He would rather be her victim than be with her. Though it is harsh, I understand the sentiment. I feel that way about most guys I dated or tried to date. There are some exceptions, of course. But!!! I do not have bullets in the booth, lol! Being a victim of their douchebaggery is enough.

Marilyn is kind of sexy in this video. He is tall; I judge him to be close to or over six feet. The fact that he knows who he is, is comfortable with it & does not hide it, makes him so appealing. I would love to have a conversation with him. It would definitely be interesting.

People dislike him for who he is, and that is amazing. That is something I understand, I have been there, and I respect it.

And YES, I would date him! Even with all that fucking make-up on, I would still date him. Hell, I would even help the fucker choose and apply a lip-gloss.

Maybe you should Google some of his hot ex-girlfriends.

Oh, and did you hear his insane vocal range at 03:50? Goosebumps!

Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge YouTube Video

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  1. U r not the first woman I’ve heard say he’s sexy. I don’t see it. I do appreciate his artistry, he’s a great artist. I agree with you on the creative part.

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