Teaching English in China: Singing Class

I’ve been teaching English in China for over six months now, and I am enjoying every minute of it. The current place I’m working at, is THE BIGGEST English training facility in China. I got this job because of my teacher, she’s such a doll. I make it a habit to ask my students why they are learning English. They pay six thousand Renminbi for three months. That’s a lot of money! It is my job to make sure they get their money’s worth, for money doesn’t grow on trees.

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Some of my students: Bonnie, Amy, Jeremy, Jessie, Vincent, James, Rachel. I forgot the rest of the names. BAD TEACHER!

Please forgive me for not remembering all of their names. I don’t see them on a regular basis. They often switch up our classes, so I see new faces almost every week. Some I remember, because they were very eager to learn, very responsive, very attentive. I love students like that!

Part of teaching English in China, is singing class.

Singing Class is new to me, for I’ve never learned any songs when I was learning English, Portuguese or any other language. Oh, lie! I learned to sing Chinese songs. They didn’t help me to learn Chinese at all. It did improve my vocabulary, but the real learning lies in talking. Do I personally think singing songs will help with English learning? No. A song is a musical poem, and they don’t always understand the innuendos and the slang. It just gives me more work to explain all of the things they don’t know.

teaching english

TITANIC – My Heart Will Go On – Image Source

The first time I taught Singing Class was over three weeks ago. The regular teacher was traveling, wasn’t sure he’d make it back in time, so I accepted the challenge. It’s also extra money, which never hurts. FYI, I LOVE making my own money! He sent me the material, it was My Heart Will Go On by the great Celine Dion. Don’t get me wrong, I love Celine and her powerful voice! Her vocal superiority cannot be matched.

Celine Dion has been one of my favorite singers since her first album (in English).

I remember memorizing the lyrics to If You Asked Me To and Because You Loved Me in school with my friends. Anyway, though I LOVE Celine, I thought the song was so ten thousand years ago! Very melodramatic, very cheesy, I never liked this song. I vowed to “spice things up” if given the opportunity to teach this class again. Guess what? That chance was given to me last Tuesday!

teaching english

The Chainsmokers – Image Source

I LOVE MUSIC, I know a lot of music and a lot about music, especially the eighties. Before that class, I looked at my own music playlist and decided to teach them Closer by The Chainsmokers. GREAT SONG! It’s upbeat, it’s catchy, I love dancing to it. I was pretty convinced I’d made the right choice.

NOT! They had so much trouble following the rhythm of the song. Most of them thought the song was too fast, couldn’t really understand and follow the rhythm. It was all so confusing to them. We listened to it a million times, sand it a million times, but still no luck. They have problems singing the chorus. Sigh. I have Singing Class on my schedule again tomorrow… Have no idea which song to choose.

Just another day of teaching English in China, folks!








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