As by Stevie Wonder [Song Of The Week]

Stevie Wonder has made the Song Of The Week series again. What can I say? He is a musical & lyrical genius! The first song of this series is also his, Love’s In Need Of Love Today. If you do not know this song, click here to read the post and listen to that magical song. As is on one of his greatest albums named Songs In The Key Of Life. My father has it and it is great! From cover to cover, it is filled with amazing music. Can you believe it is his eighteenth studio album? Stevie is a GENIUS! That is why a lot of his songs have been sampled and covered by many artists.

I love this song! It is a timeless love song. Nowadays, everything is sex, twerk, hoe, bitch, suck a dick, eat my pussy, I will take your man & be the sidechick… yawn. It is fun and entertaining for ten seconds, then it just hurts both my ears and my brains.

If Stevie Wonder were my boyfriend, and he wrote this love song for me, I would (probably) never leave him.

He is saying that he will love his significant other until the impossible becomes possible! You do not see that kind of love anymore. When you find it, cherish it!

I love the entire song, but let me share one of my favorite verses:

Did you know that true love asks for nothing? Her acceptance is the way we pay. Did you know that life has given love a guarantee to last through forever and another day? Just as time knew to move on since the beginning, and the seasons know exactly when to change. Just as kindness knows no shame, know through all your joy and pain that I’ll be loving you always.

As – Stevie Wonder

Another verse that speaks to me is the one below. Since my health scare last year, I am not afraid of death anymore. If you are afraid to die, you are afraid to live.

As today I’m living but tomorrow can make me the past but that I mustn’t fear. For I’ll know deep in my mind the love of me I’ve left behind. Cuz I’ll be loving you always.

As – Stevie Wonder
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Love is wonderful & I love LOVE! But it has to be right. That means: honest (not full of shit & games), forgiving, uncomplicated (no unnecessary complicated drama) & with the right person.

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