Spring Festival

Food Festival

Spring Festival food, that’s what this blog post is about. In two previous posts, I wrote about my experiences during Spring Festival aka Chinese New Year. I’ve decided to dedicate this blog to some more pictures of my adventure. It was quite an experience, one I’ll never forget, but also one I’ll never repeat. At least, not if I have to spend five days being the center of all entertainment. 

Like all things in life, this trip had its ups and downs. I loved the front-row seat to all things Chinese culture. What I found most interesting of all, is that you HAVE TO give your relatives money. You have to put at least 500 RMB in a red envelope, that’s almost US$100. Multiply that by the number of relatives you have to visit, both on your husband’s side and your side of the family. WOW! Food AND Money Festival!

Like I said before, Spring Festival is like Christmas. Chinese families gather together at their mother’s/father’s house, give gifts (red envelopes full of money), and they bond. Most Chinese teenagers complain that it’s super boring, they’d rather be out with friends. But it is that one time of year that you get to see most of the relatives you don’t see all year long. 

In the picures in the gallery above, we were at Juliet’s uncle’s house. He lives right down the street from her in the house she grew up in. All of them lived there together. I even met her grandfather. Though I wanted to talk to him, I’m afraid to talk to old Chinese people. Their Mandarin usually isnt’ that great. And, since my pronunciation still needs work, I’d rahter not try it. That conversation might turn out to be very exhausting for the both of us. 

Her family was very welcoming, I felt at home. I didn’t understand most of what they were saying, because they were speaking in their dialect. But hey, I’m used to being surrounded by people and being ignored at th same time. Not because they’re anti-social, but more because of the language barrier. 

Spring Festival food… Man! Not all of it is good, but I have to admit that I DID have some tasty dishes.

In the gallery above, I have no idea what the pink thingies are called. I know that rice is the main ingredient, inside is stuffed with something… corn? Not really sure. All I know is that it didn’t taste good. Juliet’s mother-in-law made them. Her husband really wanted me to try them, he was so proud his mother made them. But, they were not to my taste. I didn’t like it. It was interesting, for I like trying new things, but it’s safe to say I won’t be eating this again. 

I ate so much food, which is mainly prepared with rice and a lot of duck. 

This was also the first time I drank so much tea!!!! After every meal, they get together in a parlor and eat peanuts, fruit, and drink lots and lots and lots of tea. 

We sometimes went out for walks in Juliet’s village. I love the place. If given a choice, I’d choose to live in a village instead of a big city. Sure, city life is convenient, I love it. But it’s a little too fast for me. Taking my time to enjoy my surroundings, taking in all of my experiences… that’s more my speed.