Ie Kan Sie Den By DJ Chuckie & La Rouge

Ie Kan Sie Den is the third Surinamese song I am featuring on Song Of The Week. I am on a roll here, folks. This song is so fucking old, I don’t even know when it was a hit. But I do know it was during my crazy days when I went from nightclub to nightclub … in one night. I just loved to dance. If I was bored in one, I went to the other. When one closed the doors for the night, there always was another one open to continue the party. That was Emergency. Everyone went there at 06:00 in the morning after Starz had shut its doors, then it was time to continue the party in Emergency!

The windows had that glass… where you can look out, but not in. Yeah, so it was pretty dark in there. You’d forget the sun had already come up. I had such a great time growing up!

Ie Kan Sie Den means ‘you can see them.’ That is the literal meaning. I still love the song.

What is this song about and what can you see? I don’t know. But if I’d had to guess from the music video, I guess you can see women shaking their asses. All I know, is that I love the beat, and that the song takes me back to my younger days. My cousin and I would dance the night away! My partner in crime! I fucking miss those days!

I want a dance party with ALL OF MY COUSINS, ALL OF THEM! And I want to dance the night away as we used to when we were younger! <3

DeDiksteStudio YouTube Channel

Sorry, no lyrics… just enjoy the beat and jump around! 🙂

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