Solinho da Rabeta by Léo Santana [SOTW]

Solinho da Rabeta is this week’s Song Of The Week. Yes, this another side of me, the side that likes to wine to the floor. You know, dirty dancing, and not the Patrick Swayze kind of dirty dancing. This genre is Brazilian Funk. I do not really know how to describe this other than the Brazilian version or Reggaeton… but with lots of twerking asses and gyrating crotches. Do not know if a crotch can gyrate, but I think you understand. Those videos are not for children nor the faint of heart. But I have to admit: I do like the filth of it all. In the words of The Shame Bell Lady, and later, Cersei Lannister: “Shame. Shame. Shame.” And like Cersei, I am not ashamed at all, LOL!

If someone were to ask me how to describe this genre in ten words, I would say the following:

Think of ass, more ass, crotches showing, (fake) boobs, ass… ass.

The Crazy Humourous definition of Brazilian Funk

I first came across Solinho da Rabeta on YouTube (where else?). Uh, I think I was looking for choreography for certain Brazilian songs. That is when I saw a 31-second-video titled: Leo Santana Dancing. It was in Portuguese, of course. And then I thought, “If he has a video of him dancing, he must be a great dancer. Let me take a look.”

Okay, I have to be honest: I also clicked on the video because he had his back turned to the camera. It gave me an excellent view of his toned tush! I was making kissing noises & le-pas-le-pew-le-skunking just like Pepe Le Pew.

After having watched that video, I was hooked. Then I typed in his name in the search bar and that is how I found Solinho da Rabeta.

I love the beginning of the song. If I had not seen it in the video, I would have thought that sound at the beginning came from some kind of horn & not from a keyboard.

What is the song about? Sex, of course! It is Brazilian Funk, after all. Have you forgotten my earlier definition of this genre?

He is very good-looking. I just want to lick my screen. Would or could I date someone who looks like him? Probably not. Leo is a bit too into his looks, from what I can understand. The genre he sings is very sexual, and he has to look the part. And he does! He is most women their wet dream. It is obvious that he lives in the gym, and I do not. I love to eat a whole red velvet cake by myself, so we would not last.

What is my favorite part of the video? Just watch 03:13. You are welcome.

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