Teaching English in China: Singing Class 2

Singing class, singing class! Here we go again! Teaching English in China has been a challenge. I enjoy a good challenge, tho. One of the things that really annoyed me in the beginning, is that sometimes, there are A1 level students together with B1 students. All of them in one class. A1 means they are absolute beginners, there’s level A1 and A2. Then there’s level B, which is kind of like Intermediate. Like the A level, there’s B1 and B2, as well.

I think the gap is too big. The students spent a lot of money on the classes, so I think it’s more than fair they get their money’s worth. Now, you can read about some of the problems I encountered at other schools I taught English. Like the second time teaching singing class, I thought I’d try something new (AGAIN) for the third class. I remember one of the teachers asked me what Reggae music sounded like, so I decided to introduce the students to the LEGENDARY Robert Nesta “Bob” Marley.

singing class

The LEGEND! – Image Source

I prepared many exercises, a PPT, looked for a two-minute live video of Bob Marley performing one of his hits. Really went all out for this music class.

I was super excited about my third singing class! One of my former teachers even asked to join. That made me even more excited about it! Guess what? Only one student showed up! The other students said they needed to prepare for some make-up exams, so they couldn’t attend. Well, the one student and my former teacher enjoyed the class, the song, and the exercises.

Since it was a success, I thought I’d use “Is This Love” at a different location, on a different day.

The students loved it. I used the song again at a different location (the school has many locations). The song was a HIT! My students also loved the exercises. This Wednesday I have to teach singing class again. I’m kind of stuck between “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred and “Different Colors” by Lucky Dube. Have to think about what I want them to learn, the drills, stuff like that. Either way, both songs are fun.

I love Lucky Dube SOOOO MUCH! His songs are on constant repeat, especially “Different Colors.” LOL! Most of my foreign friends tell me, “Teach them that song, yes! Chinese need to know that they are racist!” You know, racism is everywhere, and I’ve had my fair share of unpleasant moments in China, but I don’t want to generalise and say that ALL Chinese are racist. Racism is everywhere and the basis of it, is lack of education.

Singing class… I am kind of not sure which song to pick… maybe it will be a Lucky Dube song. But, no messages about race. I’m going to keep it “light.” It’s a fun song, fun video, so I bet they will enjoy it, as well.

I am part of this WeChat group, they organize “Black Movie Night” almost every month. They choose a popular or meaningful movie made by Black people. This month they chose “Get Out.” Supposedly it has done well at the box office, I have no idea. But, sometimes I read the comments people write in the group, and I wonder if I should attend this “Black Movie Night.” The main subject is how people of other races treat Black people, bla bla bla. Some of them like to emphasize just how racist Chinese are, and how bad they treat them.

I’m all for positivity, not one to throw pity parties anymore. Sure, it’s bad, I agree, but I think paying a lot of attention to a problem won’t make it go away, it will just magnify it. Soon, every single thing someone does to them, is racism. I don’t know if I can deal with this kind of negative thinking and negative propaganda.

I have to go, have to finish some work!



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