School Trip Number I Don’t Know

School trip number I don’t know… We go on many school trips during the year. This was a great one, because it’s where I met Kob. Like most trips, I have no idea where I’ll end up. All I know, is that we’ll go visit some museums that really don’t interest me, and I’ll have to write about it. We always have to write a reflection (sort of) about what we learned from our trip. Basically, they just want you to praise China and affirm how amazing this country is. It is an amazing country, real talk, it is. But there’s only so much ass kissing I can do. I’ve used some of the “praising China” sentences to exhaustion, I need to come up with new ones. Do think I’m a pretty creative person, but come on, cut me some slack here.

Our school took us to one of the biggest Chinese clothing companies in China, Septwolves. It’s a men’s clothing line started by seven… brothers? If I’m not mistaken, some of them were brothers, and some of them went to school with one of the brothers of the brothers. LOL! I don’t know if that sentence makes sense or not, but I hope you understand.

In the pictures above, I was kind of bored. We were divided into two groups. One group was taking a tour of the company’s museum, we had to wait to do our little ‘art project.’ Never really loved taking pictures of myself. There was a time where I did, tho. An entire album on my Facebook is dedicated to selfies. LOL! I guess we all have our Kim Kardashian moment.

This school trip was different, because it’s where I met my good friend and personal chef, Kob.

In the pictures above, you can see Kob’s frog. Hahaha! If you haven’t read my post about him yet, click here. You don’t have to tell me my hair is ugly, LOL! I am aware of that. But guess who gives a flying freak? Not me. The more time I spend here, the more I’m embracing myself and my personality. I’m not the high-maintenance type. As long as I don’t smell, all is well. If I look the house leaving like, what some would call, ‘a crazy person,’ I also wouldn’t care. Crazy is part of who I am, so it’s me. What you get is what you see!

I am who I am and I love myself! All the things people find ‘weird’, I take pride & joy in. I know who I am… do you?

I know I already mentioned this in the opening paragraph of this post, but I just can’t stress how special he is to me. He has changed the way I look at certain things (for the better). In life, we should all be lucky to meet people like him. Last week, August 6, was his birthday. You know what he did? He donated blood! Celebrating his birthday is not high on his priority list. Amazing person!

Don’t ask me why they had an old bicycle in their museum… they just do. The bike and I have the same name, which is “Phoenix.” That’s my Chinese name, btw. I would have written the Chinese character, but I’m not using my own laptop, using my friend’s at the moment. Why? Well, I’m in his room, chilling with him and three other friends. It’s summer vacation, we don’t have anything to do… so we chill. We play monopoly and we have yet to play UNO.

This school trip was very informative. Tho I tend to forget most of the things I see, I remembered most of the things of one of the company’s I went to. Bet you’re wondering why… It’s because I went there and worked there! Had NO IDEA how big this company is!!! Once again, I am grateful to see all of this.

Tiara Ray

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