Schiphol hotels

Schiphol hotels – Mercure Hotel Schiphol Terminal – Image Source

In my previous post I wrote about ALMOST not being able to leave China. I am so blessed, that everything worked out in the end. When I arrived at Schiphol International Airport, I ran into an old friend from Secondary Modern School. He spent a year in China, in a city named GuangZhou. Though I smelled like wet dog, we sat there for an hour or three, talking to one another about our experiences.

Before I left China, my good friend told me to Google “Schiphol hotels.” I was reluctant at first, because I only wanted to shower, not actually sleep in a hotel room.

Last year I spent more than twelve hours in transit. Before I left China, I asked my aunt to talk to her sister-in-law. She works at Schiphol, so she would know if there were showers at Schiphol, or not. Guess what she told me? There weren’t any showers! I reeked on my flight back home to Suriname. Well, this year I took my friend’s advice & decided to ask Google.

Schiphol hotels
Schiphol hotels – Mercure Hotel

I expected the inside of Schiphol hotels to be simple: white walls, white linen, small TV, towel, and a bar of soap. Thought it would look more like a short-time motel.

I lucked out on the room! The friendly woman at the front desk told me that one can’t just drop in like that. You have to make reservations online. Yotel Hotel was also an option, but they don’t accept cash, they don’t accept American Dollars, only if it’s a credit card payment. So exhausting! Mercure is flexible.

Schiphol hotels
Schiphol hotels – The inside of my room

I paid over US$200 to stay there for 12 hours. Yes, people, yes. Was it worth it? The room was sort of clean. The bathroom needed an upgrade, the carpet was also very dirty. So, they don’t get an A for cleanliness. Once again, my apologies for the quality of the picture, it was taken with my phone. The camera isn’t the best.

Schiphol hotels
Schiphol hotels – Complimentary tea from Mercure Hotel

The tea and coffee were free. FYI, I don’t drink coffee. It makes me nauseous and messes with my bowels. But since I paid so much for not even twelve hours, I drank that free coffee! The tea I took with me, they’re pretty good! In the picture below, you will see the bathroom. Though it looks pretty clean in the picture, I can assure you it isn’t. But, it did what it was supposed to do for those “less-than-twelve-hours.” They’re closed now, giving the rooms a face lift. The rooms need it.

Schiphol hotels
Schiphol hotels

Schiphol hotels… I’m going to find a way to try all of you out. Need to Google how many there are and what the rate is. Plan to spend at least four hours there, if I can.

I enjoyed my stay there. The staff was friendly, the room service was fast and good. What I didn’t like, is that I had to leave my room to leave my room service order with the front desk. The room service number was busy… constantly! Another thing that also bugged me, is that I didn’t ask for a wake up call, but they messed up. Called me instead of the person they were supposed to call.

Other than that… my first experience at a hotel at Schiphol was great! Any similar experiences?