real hair

When I decided to trade in my chemically-treated-hair for my real hair, many people liked the new change. So do I! I think I look younger, fresher, and sexy. That’s a word I never would’ve used to describe myself, “sexy.” It’s good to see that I’ve grown, that I appreciate myself more. I think it’s very important that we, women, find ourselves sexy. The media shouldn’t define what is sexy. Half the women on Instagram, on the cover of magazines don’t even look like that. They’re airbrushed to the max, and some have even paid to look the way they do.

My first attempt was successful. I copied my stylish baby cousin, bought the same braids she had. My boyfriend liked the curly hair, but he said it smelled too much like “doll hair,” LOL! I bought a lot of fruit-y-smelling moisturizer, but he also didn’t like that smell, LOL.

Allowing my real hair to recover, I had so much fun with my new fake hair.

real hair
Baby cousin and I, rocking the same hair

I had no idea the type of hair I wanted, until I saw my baby cousin rocking some curly braids. I’m sure the hair has a name, but “curly braids” is all I can come up with. I loved it, she got me in touch with her hairdresser, and voila! We were twins!

I changed up the hair after three weeks, I had to. What my baby cousin forgot to tell me, is that these braids tangle up like a MoFo! Like, seriously! I cut out tangled up hair every single day. Many liked the curls, I received many compliments, but it was so much work! I spent one hour in front of the mirror every single day.

The reason I cut my hair, was that I think that if one spends longer than ten to fifteen minutes on their hair, that is waaaay, waaaay too long. I need to be able to be ready in an hour, less, if possible. Makeup isn’t really a must for me. Sure, I like mascara, lip gloss, but I don’t spend too much time contouring and whatnot. I don’t even use foundation all that much. When someone meets me at night, then sees me during the day, I don’t want them to do a double or triple take. What you get is what you see, baby.

My baby cousin still has her real hair, and she was so happy I was on the natural hair journey as well.

real hair
Baby cousin and I on her Snap.

We went out of town to spend some time with family. It was a really fun day. You don’t choose your family, they are given to you. We might question God’s “matching skills” from time to time, but we are family for a reason. Baby cousin, who takes more selfies than Kim K, and I had a little photoshoot of our own. Took some nice pics in the car, then some more when we reached Overbridge.

I will never join SnapChat. People say, “Never say ‘never'”… but I can honestly say that I will NEVER join that social media platform. Snap is something for young people, celebritites who want to stay relevant to your young followers, and people with too much time on their hands. I am none of the three, nor do I want to be. Yes, I want to be a published author, but in no way do I want my every day life to be disrupted because of that. I want to do the same things I’m doing now, travel, blogging, learning new things… but just with books out there in the hands of my readers. 🙂

I wonder if my real hair will be curly as well.

It’s been so long since I’ve seen my real hair! Will it be curly as well? I remember it being THICK and wavy, but not really curly. I think I will need to use curl activator, or something.

Though I relished in the many compliments I received on my hair, it was too much work. FYI, I’m not one of those women that likes spending an awful lot of time in front of the mirror. I like looking at myself, yes, but I don’t want to spend more than 45 minutes to get ready. The second hairdo was better. No cutting tangled hair every single day! Such a relief.

real hair
Baby Cousin and I with the same hair

When I came back to China, some people thought it was my real hair. How people can be so stupid, I have no idea, but it’s possible.

Some people I did tell the braids were my real hair, LOL! I just couldn’t help myself.

I am looking forward to seeing my real hair again. It’s been two decades since I’ve seen it last, and I am so curious. One of my cousins went natural, started the process more than four years ago. Her Mom was super worried when my cousin just took to her beautiful hair with scissors, and cut it short, short, short. A bit radical, LOL, but that is exactly why I love Dee! She does stuff her own way, on her time. Unapologetically true to who she is.

Ladies, please share your natural hair experiences with me! I will need all the help I can get!