Racism [ˈrāˌsizəm]   

prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

Just ask anyone who knows me, all of them will tell you that I’ve been talking about coming to China for YEARS! I don’t know why, but this beautiful country has always interested me. The language and culture are unique, over five thousand years of history, what’s more amazing than that?

Coming to China has been a lifelong dream of mine. But… never in a million years was I prepared for the amount of racism still present in this modern country.

I live in a multiracial country. Sure, we have our issues, but when I leave my house, I never have to think of the fact that I am a Brown woman. In Suriname, I’m just a woman. That’s what I am: a woman. Someone’s daughter, sister, aunt, niece, friend, what-have-you. But when I came to China, I really had to think about what it meant to be a BLACK woman. Because here, the first thing people see when they look at me, is a Black woman. Nothing else.

Some Chinese people have some really weird (racist) ideas about Black people.

You must be glad to be in China. Back home you can’t shower every day, right?

Here you have it good, right! China is good and everyone wants to come here. Now you eat well, better than in your own country, right?

Where in Africa are you from?

How do you not fall out of the trees when you sleep?


What prompted me to write this post, is the following. A friend of mine runs a hotel. Another friend of mine asked me to help him book a room there. At first, my friend thought it was a bit expensive, so I told my friend to cancel the booking. But today, he asked me to ask her if the rooms were still available.

I know some of you might be looking at the pictures, thinking WTF, so I’ll translate for you.

“Pretty Lady, hello! So sorry, but my friend would like to know if that room is still available. He would like to make a reservation. So sorry.”

“Now we don’t allow Black people to stay at our hotel anymore.”

[eyes – eyes]

“Why? How is this possible?” [It was what I meant to write in Chinese, but I tend not to pay much attention to what I’m typing when I’m mad. Believe me, she understood what I meant] I continued, “What the hell is this?” [Again, that’s what I meant to write, but what I wrote was, “What do you want?” or something like it]

This really angered me! I was so enraged, I typed a lot of wrong things.

Now for the second picture:
 “What is this?”

“I also don’t know, the boss just told me this.”

“Black people aren’t people? Bullshit! Would he also refuse it were Obama?”

“It’s a Government problem, our hotel doesn’t think this way about people.”

It ANGERED me so much, I was in a badddd mood the entire night. No idea why we, humans, need to be so cruel to one another. Just like all of God’s creations, we are unique and beautiful in our own ways. Why can we admire and value the different flowers, different dog breeds, but when it comes to ourselves, we ostracize one another BECAUSE of our differences?

When will we learn to love one another?