Precaire Boloe By Aptijt [SOTW]

Precaire Boloe is this week’s Song Of The Week. When I started this I said that I have a different taste in music. If you have been following these posts since the beginning, you undoubtedly will agree with me. This is the second Surinamese song I have featured on here. When most Surinamese people who don’t know me that well find out that I love Aptijt, the are soooo surprised!

“YOU like Aptijt?
(A confused me) “… Yeesss…?” (not sure how to answer)
“You don’t look like someone who would love Aptijt.”

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In the past, I would have this conversation with them about what they think someone who loves Aptijt looks like. Now, I could care less. Don’t judge a book by its cover. I mean, Ted Bundy also didn’t look like a killer, but he was. Donald Trump didn’t look like a crazy, stupid (emphasis on STOOPIT) racist, but he is. Looks can be deceiving.

What is Precaire Boloe about? That is very funny and interesting, LOL!

‘Precaire’ means that something is scarce, ‘boloe’ means vagina in Sranan Tongo. So I said to myself, ‘Maybe he wants to say that he’s having a dry spell, so no vaginas around for sex, or something.’ But then I asked a friend, and he said that I take things literally, LOL! Which I often do, I have to admit.

It actually means that the vagina is not fat… it is ‘skinny,’ LOL! It is precair, LOL! Meaning… it is a sorry excuse for a vagina, more or less. My Surinamese people reading this, correct me if I am wrong, okay?

My favorite part of the song starts at 04:31. Then he says a whole bunch of crap that is only funny if you understand Sranan Tongo. And I just love how they harmonize over what he’s saying, LOOOOL!

Doksa TV YouTube Channel

Unfortunately, I can’t provide lyrics of Precaire Boloe. I don’t even know them.

My faaaavorite part of the sonnnnggg is where he says ‘Hoge neute boloe, chopstick ini a boloe.’ I have no idea how to translate hoge neute boloe (I would have to show you, LOL), but chopstick ini a boloe means chopstick in the vagina. It is so absurd that I had to rewind it when I first heard it.

(Me rewinding the song & listening again) “Yeah, yeah, he said chopstick ini a boloe.



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