No More I Love You’s by Annie Lennox

No More I Love You’s is this week’s Song Of The Week. I started this over a month ago because I wanted to do something with the blog. The first song in this series is a huge favorite. If you missed that post, click here to read it & listen to the life-altering lyrics. It took me a while to really make it my own. This sounds funny, does it not? Because it is my blog, so it is mine. But I needed to find things I want to share to really put my stamp on this blog. The inspiration came when I changed my blog theme in late April. So, here I am with another song for the seventh week in a row.

I know little about the singer, Annie Lennox. What I know is that I love her style & she is part of Eurythmics. Many of her songs speak to me but do not ask me what she is trying to say. Sigh, I do not know what the message behind some of her songs is. But I do love them. Most of them are on repeat & I listen to them regularly.

I think No More I Love You’s is about a couple who does not say ‘I Love You’ anymore.

How cool is a name like ‘Annie Lennox’? She did not need a stage name, her legal name is amazing.

Her look is so daring! She defied the whole women-should-have-long-hair-and-wear-dresses-and-skirts shit. I love how she dresses masculine, but then she wears makeup. Embracing both her feminine & masculine side is sexy. Then you have the short orange/red hair. Annie is amazing. Strong women who are themselves and do not try to fit in really speak to me. She is unique. Oh, have I mentioned that the video for this song is as unique as Annie? Just watch for yourself.

This song is one of the most beautiful & emotional songs I have heard.

You can hear the emotion in her voice, the heartbreak. But even though she is heartbroken, it does not give me suicidal vibes like Adele’s music. Do not misunderstand: Adele has a beautiful voice. She is just too dramatic for me. I guess you can conclude that I will feature no Adele songs in this series.

Okay, I will give it another go: I think this song is about a couple in the end stage of their relationship. What do you think? Either way, enjoy Annie her angelic voice.

No More I Love You’s Official YouTube Video

Oh, before I go, I will share a few lines from the song I can identify with.

I used to have demons in my room at night. Desire, despair, desire… soooo many monsters.

No More I Love You’s – Annie Lennox

Thankful those days are OVER! <3

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  1. Amazing song! I love Annie Lennox as well. I think you’re right, it’s about a couple who’s about to breakup.

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