music video

Last semester we had to shoot a music video. Our Public Relations teacher gave us an assignment: choose a song and shoot a music video according to the content. What do making a music video and Public Relations have in common? I have not the slightest idea. It is the better option, though… a written exam or the video.

Let’s shoot a music video! I know nothing about that, thank heavens I was in a group with students who did know what they were doing.

Before I talk about the music video my group made, I do need to say we did not get off to a great start. The name of the song they chose is 我带你旅游, which means “I will take you on a trip” or “travelling,” what-have-you. They wanted to start the video with two students on a moped going to the beach. I told them that is not exactly what the word “travel” means. Going to the beach is more considered to be an “outing,” not travel. If we are to shoot a music video according to the content of the song, I don’t agree with that opening. I have never met anyone who travels long distances on a moped.

According to them, it’s normal in Asian culture. Me, I’m from Suriname, and I’ve NEVER seen that.

It made absolutely no sense to me, but I was outnumbered. When I said that it was weird to me, people in my country do not travel that way, all of them got really upset. At that moment it was obvious to me that, even though we are all from different backgrounds (though they ar from the same culture, more or less), they were not willing to compromise. That is when I decided the following: I got up and told them to just message me what we were going to do, I will do whatever.

We went to a park nearby our school, shot some nice scenes with some pretty birds. Full coverage of that is on my Instagram page under 园博园.

Though the scenes we shot were amazing, they had nothing to do with the content of the video. What we shot, was video of friends going out together to watch and feed some birds, and that’s that. Since I have been here, I have learned to pick my battles. What is worth stressing over and what will not be important two months from now? I hated that video, but the group seemed to like it. Was glad when the other groups ripped us apart for not sticking to the assignment. LOL! I was like, “… oh… well…” *shrug*