little brother

Little brother Goncalves and I went to Golden Olives for dinner. This was more than a month ago, but I hadn’t any time to sit down to write about it. In case you’ve just started reading my blog, I will repeat myself: I’m not someone who needs to be surrounded by people 24/7. Being by myself is amazing, and I prefer it that way. But I have many friends here who care about me, and vice versa, and relationships need maintenance. Goncalves and I met in 2016, you can read about some of it here. It was one of those days when I just happened to be in the mood for some company, and I asked him made him come to dinner.

I waited until my little brother took a shower after his soccer game, then we left for Golden Olives.

Golden Olives is one of the “good” restaurants here in Xiamen. It’s Western cuisine, Greek, to be exact. Is it any good? It used to be good over two years ago. I heard they changed their management or they sold it to Chinese people (it really was owned by foreigners) and now the food is a bit crappy.

I stopped eating pork not really earlier this year. The thing is, I just eat it less than before. But in China, it’s kind of hard not to eat pork. Pork is found in every single restaurant, even more than chicken. It’s also very cheap. I’m not kidding, it is cheaper. In some restaurants, chicken dishes are more expensive than dishes made with pork.

Now, about the penne pasta… the bowl was smaller than my hand. So mad I didn’t take a picture to show the size difference. I paid 54 RMB for that. Was it any good? No. Just boiled some pasta and put it in the microwave or oven with some cheese. That’s it, Ladies & Gents. I CAN’T WAIT to eat GOOD WESTERN food again!

I thought it would be awkward, but we did have a lot to talk about.

He’s fourteen years my junior, in a different phase of his life, so I worried we wouldn’t have much to talk about. We are friends, yes, but we have never really been ALONE before, not since the first time we met. Then, all was new and we had  a lot to tell one another. But… I was pleasantly surprised. He is a nice young man and we got along great!

Thank you for the great night, my little brother and friend!