Legal Desire: Banned For People With A Brain

Legal Desire is one of those books that made me go, “What the FUCK did I just read?!” It’s one of those books you hate having read, but not necessarily wish you could unread. No, no, it’s nothing like this one. I dabbled in writing for Harlequin a few years ago & it didn’t work out well. Mainly because I have a brain and I know the men they write in those books don’t exist. That’s why so many women are single: They drink the fucking Harlequin kool-aid. There was a time I also drank that same fucking kool-aid and thought losing my virginity would be fireworks and orgasms galore. What a crock of shit.

Just because I think Harlequin and the men they sell stoopit women is shit, doesn’t mean I can’t write that shit. I can. And I can do it well, too. Yes, there was a time when I was bitter and didn’t care much for writing stories about unattainable men and romances. But now? Sure! Why not? Lord knows I also fantasized about a Harlequin man or two back in the day. Which day was that? That was when I still believed in romance the way they package it on TV and social media. That’s one of the main reasons I quit social media: the lies.

I challenged myself to write a Harlequin book. Dare is the only imprint I really like & Legal Desire was the first book I came across.

Innocent until proved wicked
He’ll need all his powers of seduction…
Lawyer Trevor Sinclair knows that gorgeous ice queen Allison McCann is sabotaging his firm. All he needs is proof, with a plan that involves a little deception…and a whole lot of sizzling seduction! But no one warned him that her chilly exterior hides a desire as hot as his own. Is it entrapment if they’re both playing with fire?

Before I rip into this book, let me write what I did like about it: it’s a short and easy read. That’s about it. Wait, no no… the cover models are hot.

The story is stupid, I can’t think of a better word to describe it. Four successful lawyers who run a prestigious law firm called ‘Street Legal’ suspect there is a mole in their company. They have been receiving a lot of bad press lately. There is no such thing as bad press, but whatever…

The four partners lived on the streets together. I think their backstory is told in other books by this author. It seems all four of them had their suspects… and ended up sleeping with and falling for them in the end. How cliche is that?

I think Legal Desire should be banned for people with a brain. The book doesn’t make sense.

Their dialogue is so immature. They sound like frat boys talking about their conquests. I really can’t believe they are these amazing lawyers who win almost all of their cases.

And yeah…. pretty predictable that Edward was the mole. He hated Trevor (for a reason I can’t understand), and I also knew her mother had something to do with the sabotage. Especially since she mentioned that she and her mother aren’t on speaking terms because she inherited all of her grandfather’s fortune.

Predictable, immature, and NO!

But don’t take my word for it. You can buy the book here.

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

Tiara Ray

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