ideal future

Now that I am really reaching the end of my last semester her in China, I have been thinking about the future more and more. I made a list of things that I want (and don’t want) concering all aspects of my life: health, education, love (all types of love) and my career.

I am SO NOT the “Good morning, Boss” type, so working for someone is not my idea of an ideal future (for me).

Today I went out for dinner with friend, received some very nice gifts. He knows what I like, so he knows what to buy me. Will forever treasure them! We went to an Indian restaurant that I have been dying to try for MONTHS now! That is one of the directions I will be taking my blog in. Another idea for the ideal future I have in mind. The funny thing is, I have had these ideas for a while, but was not quite sure if anyone would be interested in reading that. But now I have decided, interested or not, it is what I am interested in, so I will write about it. This blog is about me and my interests. If you find something that interests you, then I am happy to have been of service to you! šŸ™‚

ideal future
“Good morning, let me fetch your coffee,” is not what I see myself doing in my ideal future.

Recently watched this video on YouTube, very informative. One of the tasks was making a list of twenty-five things we are passionate about. After writing all of them down, I realized they were all intertwined. I am very passionate about helping the less fortunate, teaching people skills that can help them in their life, working with people who are depressed and suicidal (I have been there, so I know how to relate to them), and creating job opportunities for people.

I have been researching all of this the past few weeks.

Yes, I have to write my thesis, study for the last exams I need to retake starting next month, I am on top of all of that. In order to devote all of my energy to all of this, I had to get rid of some people in my life whom I allowed to drain most of my energy.

ideal future
Working on my thesis, one step closer to realizing the first half of my ideal future.

How is my thesis coming so far? Great. I knew what I was going to write about since October last year. Do have to admit something: I am feeling kind of overwhelmed at times. Now I know that whenever I am feeling like this, something good is going to happen. Since the past week, I have been more focused and at ease, and I am thankful for that. The support and love from my family and friends is a big comfort to me.

Another thing I have been working on, is my writing. Now THAT is something I have not blogged about in a while.

I am excited about my writing. If you are a writer, author, what-have-you, you are aware with the struggle of writing a story. We often are our biggest critic (and own worst enemy). Thankfully I have managed to silence those little voices in my head, and am looking forward to my first “Hey, we want to publish your work” letter. I have already received my first rejection letter.

Much love to you! <3