Home Sweet Home! Beer & More Beer!

Home is where the heart is, right? Suriname is and always will be the place I call home. Not only because my parents, family and friends are here, but because I truly live in one of the most amazing countries on earth. Mind you, I’m not talking about politics and all the corruption that comes with it. I’m talking out Surinamese culture: our food, our music, and our mult-racial population. Oh, have I mentioned PARBO beer? It’s SO GOOD!


Home Sweet Home! Switi Sranang – Image Source

I almost didn’t come home, but I am so thankful I have great guardian angels & a great support system!

It’s not easy to travel from China to Suriname. Not only is it one of the longest flights I’ve ever been on, but it’s also a hassle to apply for visas for The Netherlands. It baffles me that we, ex-colony of The Netherlands, need a visa to enter that country. Anyway, I’ve spent many hours in Schiphol International Airport. Click here to read about my recent experience travelling to Suriname.

I met a few friends, spent time with family. This year I had another family day at home. It wasn’t as big as last year’s, but it was fun. This year I saw family members that couldn’t make it last year. Seeing all of them, listening to music, dancing, it made me realize (again) just how much I love them all. The love and acceptance of one’s family is very important. At least, I think so. They’re not perfect, neither am I, but they love me, I love them, we love each other!

My life wouldn’t be complete without these things: family, (cold) beer, some good food & even better music to dance to!

Cherish your loved ones, for time waits for no one.


Much Love! <3



Tiara Ray

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