High – Lighthouse Family [The New SOTW]

High by Lighthouse Family is the eighth song I would like to share with you in the Song Of The Week series. This, like all the others I shared and have yet to share, is one of my favorite songs. The first time I heard this song was in 1998. I remember I was in Amsterdam. The teenage version of me was very unhappy & I constantly looked for things to cheer me up or to give me just a little hope. This is another song that did that for me. When you are depressed and suicidal, you need something to keep you somewhat positive.

Lighthouse Family is a duo formed by a Tunde Baiyewu and Paul Tucker. A Nigerian friend of mine and I (we met in China, I left last year, he left soon after) like to exchange music from time to time, and he told me that Tunde is of Nigerian descent. He is so proud of that.

Lighthouse Family

This song brings back glorious memories. My teens were not always so fucked up, I had some great times, too. I love how songs can unlock memories: The past is but a song away.

High really takes to a different high. The lyrics are very uplifting.

This song found me when I needed it most. In my teens, I always was close to tears. But this song gave me hope. Just listen to the beginning of the song, those violins. That sounds so hopeful to me. As if they want to say, “I know what you are going through. Hang in there for it will get better. And you should be alive to see it.”

When you’re close to tears, remember, someday it will all be over. One day we’re gonna get so high. Though it’s darker than December, what’s ahead is a different color. One day we’re gonna get so high.

High – Lighthouse Family
High Official Video YouTube

This song gave me a lot of strength and hope when I needed it most. It made me feel as if I could face anything. Now I know I can face anything, so this song has a different meaning to me. But it still one of my favorites. ENJOY!

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