With A Little Help From My Friends [SOTW]

With A Little Help From My Friends by Joe Cocker is this week’s Song Of The Week. Joe Cocker loved to drink. Dad told me that sometimes he would perform drunk. He would wear some blue jeans and a white T-shirt, and he was good to go. The first time I heard Joe Cocker his baritone voice was when my mother played Up Where We Belong. I was like, “Mom, who is this? He has such an amazing and emotional voice.” And that is when I first heard his name and have not forgotten it since.

Google told me that With A Little Help From My Friends is originally from The Beatles. But after hearing Joe Cocker’s version, his version is the only one that matters.

With A Little Help From My Friends is to be heard live, that is why I chose the video below. Just keep reading.

Joe was pretty cute in his younger years. His hair is all disheveled, and then in combination with that voice… Yeah… If we had met back then I would have dated him. But he would have to brush his teeth all day, the complete day. Why? I heard that he smoke 41 (!!!) cigarettes a day until he quit smoking in 1991. Can you imagine what his breath smelled like? No wonder he died of lung cancer.

With A Little Help From My Friends

This live performance is … Sigh… I cannot find the words to describe it. When I play this song, I couple my laptop to my stereo speakers (yeah, I know there are wireless speakers now) and I BLAST it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot play this song at a low volume otherwise I do not feel like I am really hearing and experiencing it. Especially the part at 06:42. I need to BLAAASSSSSTTTT that piece!

And then… the part where I, like Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers, start jumping around & fighting invisible ninjas. That starts at 08:38. It makes me so fucking HAPPY!

Then again, at 09:36, 09:55 & 10:39, Joe takes my breath away & gives me goosebumps! The good kind! His weird dance with his hands makes it even more memorable! I wish I could have seen him live!!!!!! Believe me; I am pretty sure I would have cried!

There is another live performance of his that I love, also this song. He was much younger here, but wow!!! I love him! Click here to watch & enjoy it.

RIP Joe Cocker! <3 Oh, and his background singers are GORGEOUS! And those musicians!!!!! Just WOOOWWWW! The raw talent! I can tell it was a Brilliant show!

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