Using A Google Chromebook In China

When I first came to China, I decided to buy a Google Chromebook. For me it was important the computer be fast, to be able to run on batteries for more than eight hours, and to be light. Some of the laptops are so freaking heavy! It was only after I came to China, that I realized how troublesome it really is to use a Chromebook in China. The first three to four months, it was great! Then, all of a sudden, I couldn’t sign on to the Wi-Fi network.

I have no idea what happened, but I just couldn’t sign on again. In case you don’t know, you NEED Internet to use the Chromebook, otherwise it’s just going to sit there, looking at you. Many, many calls made to the Google helpdesk, and I still wasn’t able to use it.

Though the Google Chromebook might be great everywhere else, in China, it is a pain in the ass!

Google Chromebook

The 2016 Acer Chromebook 11 – Image Source

I choose the 2016 Acer Chroomebook 11. Why? No idea. It just seemed cute to me. After numerous angry calls (on my part) with the Google helpdesk, I finally gave up. I know it wasn’t the nice young lady who was helping me her fault, but I lashed out at her, saying, “I KNEW I should’ve just bought a Lenovo or Dell!” Poor girl, she didn’t deserve that.

I can live without many things for a while, but I cannot live without my journals and my laptop. There’s always something to wirte. A few weeks after my Google Chrome just went bananas on me, I bought an Asus in China. The entire system had to be reset, of course, because it was in Chinese. It takes two hours to reset it. So, I have been using an Asus for almost a year now, and I love it!



Oh, don’t worry, I can use the Google Chromeook outside of China. Back home, it works like a charm!

Both the Asus and the Google Chromebook were birhtday presents. Ain’t I lucky? Anyway, while working on a couple of things on Sunday night, the Asus suddenly “froze”. I took it to a repair shop not far from here, got it back today. Guess what they did? They reset the entire computer, but didn’t save my files to a USB, like I asked them to. I could’ve passed the files to a USB myself, but the laptop was frozen. Can you imagine how pissed off I was when I realized ALL my files and my pictures are GONE!

Oh well… shit happens. Oh, oh! And my entire computer is now in Chinese!

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