Games are an important part of our lives. I should know: I’m living in a country where socializing is a medieval concept and giving yourself a crick in your neck is the new thing. Almost every person here is addicted to some game. Me? I am a Simaholic, The Sims FOREVER!

Games – Some people still need to grow up and stay the hell away from me

People come and go in our lives. The people who suddenly show up (out of thin air) can sometimes really surprise you. When you’ve reached a certain age and know what you want, you don’t allow people into your life easily. But when you do, you must have thought that person was worth it… until they prove you wrong.

Games are fun, but not when someone’s emotions are involved.

When forming a friendship with someone, communication is key. Oh, and consideration. How do you treat that person? Making promises you don’t keep (and not even an apology afterwards) is a big red flag. You know those people who are always too busy and too stressed to make an effort to maintain contact (when they’re the ones who contacted you, not the other way around)? They always have a reason for making you feel like the “friendship” is a one-way street? Not to mention, you have to keep in mind that they are so busy and so tired, that there’s no time in the day to have a short chat, just like in the beginning? Sigh.

I am a patient and understanding person, but I have no time for bullshit and games.

There are two buttons that I like: “block” and “delete.” If someone inserts themself in your life, meaning they approached you, put their best foot forward, but then sit back and treat you like some douchebag, you can ask yourself: “Whatta been goin on-neh?” But the moment you feel like you’re being taken for granted and treated like, “Oh yeah, he/she will be there when I feel like I have time.” … Well, it’s time to utilize those buttons: “Delete” and then “BLOCK.” It has nothing to do with you wanting that person to spend all of their time on you, I understand. It’s more common courtesy: “I can’t right now, but will make time later.” That’s all. Don’t be someone’s bitch. If you are about to repeat yourself for a third time, it’s obvious that person either has a very hard head or doesn’t care enough to make some minor adjustments… or a combination of both.

Be firm, stay respectful, but put your foot down. “This is where the game ends. Build friendships with people who have the same energy as you.”

Good morning, how are you? Hope you have a nice day.

Just wanted to say “hi,” let me know when you’re free, so we can catch up.

How was your day?

If the small things are too much for that person, then you should rethink what you look for in a friendship and how you wish to be treated. If you’re serious about building any kind of relationship with someone, from friendship to a romantic one, showing a person they matter is very important. Everyone can take one minute out of their busy day to send a little message. Doesn’t need to be a long-winded chat at all. But hey, you live, you learn… and then you delete and block the toxic people draining your energy.

We sometimes put up with some shit we shouldn’t, just because we still have the beginning of the friendship in mind: “Is the person I got to see still in there?” Well, if it’s obvious that Elvis has left the building, you also should exit stage left. When someone shows you who they are (how they treat you), believe them. Words are shit, actions speak way louder.

If you serve no purpose in my life, you weren’t a part of my life before and I was fine, I will be even better when you’re gone. Deuces!

The older I get, the more I stand by this: we all have the right to cut ANYONE out of our life at any given time. As soon as you realize that someone is making you feel bad about yourself, that person isn’t worth your time, not to mention not worth calling a friend. Friends don’t treat each other that way. One more thing, you don’t owe anyone an explanation (I usually give one, because I have often wondered why people ended friendships with me), and it doesn’t matter if they think you’re crazy. It takes one to know one. šŸ˜‰

I suggest you also take out the trash from time to time. And once I take out the trash, I’ve thought about it for a while, and there is no coming back. I’m garlic, you’re the vampire. Oh, I normally don’t post on Sundays, but I was in a pensive mood.

Much love!