The future… MY future, to be exact… What’s next? Until a month ago, I was a bit confused about which step to take next. There are many options, of course, but I just didn’t know which one to choose. Whenever I feel this way, I tend to internalize all of this, which results in insomnia and terrible migraines. I’ve had my fair share of migraines the past month. Now? I’m chill… oddly chill, to be honest. I am certain it will be OK.

My future is in my hands, so I’ve decided to take control.

Sometimes I can be slow to react to certain things. I’m a patient person (when it comes to certain things). When I am stressed, know that it’s something that’s important to me and I am deciding how to deal with it. This goes for any kind of situation. But… when I DO make that decision, it’s final, I stand behind it, and there are no regrets on my part. The same goes for my future: I’ve weighed the pros and cons and I have taken the decision that is best for me. This is one of the things I like about being single: I’m living for myself & I have room to be as selfish as I want.

The future is an endless road of possibilities – Image Source

I just need to hear one more thing (actually, three more things) that are very important to my future, then I’ll be more relaxed. But you know what’s so funny (and also a big contradiction)? I am already relaxed. Thing is, I have played out the multiple scenarios in my head, so whatever happens, I will still reach my desired goal. Might be a few months later, but I will get there.

I always think about my life and my future, have learned so much. The most important thing is timing.

I trust in the timing of my life, the way things unfold. We are all here on borrowed time, but it doesn’t mean we have to be in a hurry. If it’s one thing I have learned in the past couple of years: never be in a hurry to do anything or get anything. All will come at the right time, I firmly believe that and stand by it. Nowhere does it say that we have failed if we haven’t reached certain things by a certain age. Everyone’s life has different timing, different paths, and many beautiful things to experience, it all really matters on how you choose to look at life.

The thing is, we have to get rid of the hemorrhoids in our asses first to really enjoy the positivity life has to offer. That is why I like the “block” and “delete” buttons. Adios, bitches! Here is a no bullshit zone. Check your bullshit at the door.

I was unsure about the future of this blog, but someone gave me a great idea!

It is something I had been thinking about for a while, but was not really sure it had a market. But when someone approached my on my Instagram, I KNEW it was something I have to look into. Pretty excited about this!

So many choices, but not all are the right one… unfortunately.

My future is within my hands and I am having fun shaping it. You know something? Aside from timing being a key part in our lives, timing will also show us just how full of shit people really are. It has nothing to do with this post, but I just had to get it out, LOL! You will not understand the reference, that’s okay, it is a little “inside” joke. I said that to someone, that time will show just how full of shit that person is, and I was right (as usual). Sometimes I don’t want to be right. But it’s good to know my sixth sense is sharp as a tack! Anyway, back to my future… the next couple of months will be very interesting!

What’s going to happen, you ask?

I am working on my thesis, which is really interesting. It is linked to my past experience working as an English teacher here in China. Emphasis on the PAST! Since last year, the Chinese government has been cracking down on “illegal” teachers. I was forced to stop working, it was not safe anymore. One of my ex-colleagues got arrested just this past weekend… I really hope his future won’t be in jeopardy! Sincerely hope he will be okay! <3

Other stuff I am looking forward to?

Meaningful travel! It was on my “to do list” last year, but shit happens when you are making plans. Got sick, had to pay for my last year of tuition, bla bla. But it will be happening this year and I am EXCITED about it! Not only because I will be in one of the most beautiful countries in South America, but also because I have thought about it for a LONG TIME! YEARRSSS! And it is finally happening! I am looking forward to more adventures like this one in my future! Will definitely schedule them! <3

Hope you’re having a great week, I know I am! šŸ™‚