There is no I in TEAM

I am working on various projects at the moment, and I am in a team with different people. Learning forgiveness is something I try to do as much as possible, but I have been a bit busy the past few weeks… I guess you have seen that because I have not posted anything in a while. But something happened recently that made me think of blogging about it… so I am doing that now.

A lot has happened, I have been working on various exciting projects. They are somewhat exhausting, but I am truly blessed and honored to be a part of them. Working on these projects also means that I have to work closely with other people, which is not always so easy for me.

In order for me to be able to work with others, one has to know when to shut the fuck up. PERIODT. Learning how to function as a team is essential.

I am a very outspoken person, there is no beating around the bus when you are dealing with me. Sure, I can adjust to other people their way of dealing with things. But there are two things that I demand at all times: respect and honesty. Some say respect comes with titles and certain hierarchies, I say respect is earned.

It does not matter to me who you are or who you think you are: If you do not respect me I will a line in the sand that you are not allowed to cross until you EARN my respect. I do not bow down to anyone. Yes, I make exceptions, but only if they are worthy.

Then comes the second part, which is honesty

I lost track of certain things I am working on at the moment, things that have to do with my personal growth. Recently, I thought I did something to solve a problem, but it created an even bigger problem. It just goes to show that everyone has their own growing to do. Some people tend to make a mountain out of a molehill… SIGH.

Image Source – This, SADLY, happens all the time, especially when working as a team.

It is what it is… I know that I cannot change people therefore I am trying my best to accept everyone for as far as I can.

I am nowhere near a saint, I lie, as well. The person I lie to most is myself, but I am growing and learning more and more about how to treat myself like the Queen I am.

Yes, I am a Queen, I know my worth. And what about people who do not?

Well, they are no longer part of my trusted inner circle.

What to do? This is an incoherent rant, I just wanted to vent a little. Do not worry if you do not understand, this post was not written for that purpose.


Tiara Ray

I am grateful & blessed to have the life I live. (Soon to be) Traditionally published & self-published author in her mid-thirties. I unsuccessfully tried changing this picture numerous times, so I just left it. I wish you lots of love & may you get what you need. <3

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