Fit Dance: A Fantastic Weightloss Method

Fit Dance is an amazing Brazilian YouTube channel that I ‘discovered’ in 2017. I had just heard MC Kevinho his hit song Olha A Explosão and I was HOOKED on. During that time I still used Instagram, which is PROHIBITED in China, but if you have a good VPN, the gates of the Chinese Internet Firewall just open for you! *insert harp* I used Express VPN. Instagram was full of these videos with the Olha A Explosao hashtags. It piqued my curiosity. That is how I ‘discovered’ the song.

If you are wondering what the artist his name means, it just means Little Kevin. The same way as Ronaldo de Assis Moreira his name is not Ronaldinho. Because there already was a Ronaldo (Ronaldo Fenomeno), and he was older, Ronaldo de Assis became Ronaldinho, which means… you guessed it… Little Ronaldo. The -inho is for men, -inha is for girls. For example, Ana becomes Aninha. And THIS concludes our Portuguese lesson for today.

Oh! If you want to know how I ‘met’ Ronaldinho while I lived in China, click here.

Now back to the topic at hand: Fit Dance. I just love the videos on this channel.

What are Brazilian Funk songs about, you ask? Well, a few weeks ago, I gave the Crazy Humours explanation of it all. I absolutely love this genre and I will go to one of those shows one day. It is undoubtedly on my bucket list, you know? Every month or two months, I will check which of my favorite artists are giving concerts and where. Then I will just buy the tickets, book accommodation and fly there.

I only have one life as me, in this body, with my experiences, and I want to live it in a way that makes me happy. No regrets, life is too short for that.


When I first saw Kevinho, I thought, ‘Who is this Brazilian Justin Bieber?‘ Is it just me or does he look like Bieber? But he does not look the same now as he does in this music video.

The girls in the video are all very hot, but they do not really show any choreography. That is why I looked for a video that had some fun dance moves. Then I found the Fit Dance video.

I have always been in shape and do little to maintain my figure (THANK YOU, MOMMY!). Sure, I exercise, but I do not believe in dieting and rigorous exercise. My kind of exercise is DANCE!

Fit Dance YouTube – Olha A Explosao

Okay, can we talk about the guy dropping it like it’s hot! I LOVE A MAN WHO CAN MOVE! That is one way to my heart: You should cut a mean rug and dance with me… ALL NIGHT LONG (Lionel Richie voice).

My father is an exceptional dancer, and he loves to dance the night away.

Mom and Dad are dance machines! They dislike a lot of adventurous stuff, like traveling to faraway places, hiking, and shit. But they will dance you under the table (I do not know if this saying exists, but it sounds great!). Whenever we have dance parties at home, Mom, Dad, and I, we are on the dance floor before the DJ or band is done setting up.

I do not dance like Beyonce, but I will dance the ENTIRE night if the music is good. Seriously, I forget to drink, to pee, to eat… I can go all fucking night! So if you ever hear of a good dance marathon, E-MAIL ME CALL ME!

Which of my exes liked to dance? *Crickets chirping* OH! I LIE! My Brazilian ex and I used to dance Forro in his kitchen. He was not a dancer, but he made an effort and I love it! So, to my next boyfriend… if you are reading this… Even if the rhythm is a better dancer than you, I truly couldn’t care less about that. We can make funny moves together on the dance floor! We can also take dance lessons!!!! That would be so awesome! (and sexy.. meow!)

If you want to have some fun by yourself (not the kind of fun that involves Pornhub), go to the Fit Dance Youtube Channel! <3

Before I go, I have to add another one that I love to exercise/dance to.

Ritmo Mexicano – Fit Dance YouTube

Here is the link to the original video by artist MC GW. Although I love Brazilian cuisine, (some of) their culture, but do not ask me why most of them have MC in their stage names.

Ritmo Mexicano Offical MusicVid YouTube – MC GW


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