My First Skirt, Ladies & Gents!

Ladies & Gents, it is about that time! Mom and I have been taking sewing classes (is that the correct name? If you know it, holla at ya girl). When I returned from China in July, I needed some time to recuperate and thing. I said goodbye to some people in my life, one of them was a great guy. It is not a definite goodbye, it is just, “we cannot date for a while because I want to give my complete and undivided attention to some projects I am working on.” And things are going great, so far. Anyway… guess what? I MADE MY FIRST SKIRT! It was not as easy as I thought it would be.

My first skirt! MY FIRST SKIRT! It was a real rollercoaster ride, tho.

Seriously, I thought to learn how to make clothes would be a walk in the park. But wow, I was royally mistaken! It seems like Math! And if you have been reading my blogs for a while, you will know that I HATE Math! It took us four weeks to draw and cut up my first skirt, now I have to sew it. I actually did sew it (Mom did, LOL!), but I have to redo it. It is a little big and bubbly at the side.

Mom helped me with most of the things. I still do not know how and when to (nor WHY) to draw a coupenaad, it is still a bit of a headache. The two pictures above were taken in the fourth and fifth week, respectively. Let me show you how easy it all seemed when we started. I was even faster than Mom at that time. The beginning was great, I even thought, “Is THIS really ALL there is to it? I will be making clothes in NO TIME!” That is what I thought, LOL!

It helps if your Mom is a pro at making clothes.

As you can see, the first drawings we had to make were simple. I was still fairly enthusiastic about the classes because I used to make clothes for my dollies when I was a kid. To toot my own horn a bit, I was even faster than Mom with the drawing. She told me that the student might surpass the master… Until we had to draw the whole coupenaad and what-have-you. Yeah, I am too lazy to look up the English translation of this word… and to be honest, I really do not care, LOL!

I still have no idea what that coupenaad is for, I know it serves a purpose. Just do not ask me WHAT! Have to make time to read more about the basics, I have been saying that for almost five weeks now. Mom even flat out laughed at me a couple of times, because she can see on my face that I am LOST! It seems like some sort of equation that I have to solve. The drawings get more confusing, believe me. And there is soooo much calculating! I had noooo idea you had to calculate so much! The name should be changed from Seamstress to Clothes Engineer. I mean, what the heck! One small miscalculation and you can look like a runaway scarecrow!

And now, ladies & gentlemen, THE BIG REVEAL: it is my first skirt!

This is the inside of the skirt, that is where the corrections need to be made. I think I will do that today, Mom and I have some time to spare. Already tried it one, it is a bit snug around the knees, so it is a bit hard to walk. Better only wear this skirt at home, LOL! Or… I can add a split and I can wear it outside of the house!

I will upload an updated post about the revisions I made to the skirt. Until next time, stay positive and spread love! And if you have some energy vampires around you, block them!

Tiara Ray

I am grateful & blessed to have the life I live. (Soon to be) Traditionally published & self-published author in her mid-thirties. I unsuccessfully tried changing this picture numerous times, so I just left it. I wish you lots of love & may you get what you need. <3

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