My First Christmas Back in Suriname

My first Christmas back home was jolly. I was at home with my parents, sister & niece. It was five months ago, so I do not remember all the details. But I know I was glad to be home. My Christmases in China were interesting. The first Christmas in China was… weird. When I arrived there, I did not know they did not celebrate Christmas in China. They decorate their malls beautifully, but they do not really believe in what it stands for. My third Christmas was amazing! A friend of mine took me out to dinner. Guess what we ate: FROG! Actually, he was one of my English language students and we became such great friends since our Christmas dinner. I miss him so much! <3

I am sad to say that I do not remember what we ate, but I know it was delicious. That time of year I also like to meet up with friends I cherish. So I met up with an old friend of mine. We went for drinks and then went to Sardjoe (one of Suriname’s richest men) to take pictures.

We ALMOST share the same birthday: His day is April 8, mine is April 9. This is us at one of my favorite bars in Suriname, Bar Zuid.

I took these images from their Facebook page. Click here if it interests you to learn more about this bar.

I know this post is supposed to be about my first Christmas back home, but I just have to mention a few things about Bar Zuid.

For starters, let me start by saying why I like the bar. Their booze is cheap. A bottle of Heineken is cheapest over here. I have no idea what the prices will be after the quarantine, but before the whole coronavirus shit, they were the cheapest bar in Paramaribo.

Now, what I dislike about them is their service. The wait staff is insufficiently trained, do not eat there unless you want diarrhea, and the bathroom is small… and right next to the kitchen. In the past, I ate there A LOT, but thanks to Gordon Ramsay, I do not eat there anymore. And I have also gotten nasty bouts of food poisoning from their food. No wonder our public health bureau closed it down many times.

Back to my first Christmas back home…

I do not know what is on my nose, no; it is not a pimple. If I had to guess, I would say it is the reflection of one of the many shiny lights.

This young man is amazing! If he were not already taken, I would consider dating him (when I want to date again).

So, to recap my first X-Mas back… I had dinner with the ‘rents, received gifts (I did not give anyone anything but hugs), spent time with a friend and we took some pictures.

Simple, yet fun.


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