Why Is Electricity A Luxury in Suriname?

Ever since I started working on a project for the N.V. EBS earlier this year, I have been wondering about something: Why is electricity STILL a luxury in Suriname? We are living in the twenty-first century, the first century of the third Millennium, to be exact. I mentioned this in previous posts, but I never ranted about it. So, this post is a rant… more or less.

The villages we visited are not so far from Paramaribo, the capital of our country. But still… they have no electricity. I do not know if or when I will understand this.

How is electricity in Suriname so messed up? Who would have thought it would still be a luxury in 2020?

I know about illegal and fraudulent projects which employees from the N.V. EBS carried out. Do you want to hear about corruption? Boooooy, are they corrupt! But that is not something I want to delve deeper into, for what they did does not concern me. It is their path and the repercussions are theirs to deal with.

Corruption – Image Source

During my time in Bigiston, I interviewed the Captain and the Basja. They are traditional leaders of the village. They were not too eager to talk to me. Many went there before, promised many things (electricity being one of them), but they never delivered.

They looked at me as the enemy. A liar sent to their village to promise them a lot of nothing, just so they would answer my questions. I convinced them for about thirty minutes to comply. But you know what? They do not trust me and I can understand why.

Bigiston is not even so far from Albina or the city, but there is no road to connect those two places. You have to take a boat from Albina to get to Bigiston.

There is a road that one can take to Bigiston, it starts in Albina. But now it is impossible. Would you like to know why? Because the remaining 5 kilometers connecting the road to the village of Bigiston is still nothing but trees.

I wonder when our government will stop with this stealing… or is it wishful thinking? Sigh…

People are excited about the upcoming elections, they are two weeks away (I wrote this post on May 11, 2020).

Whoever comes… I do not care anymore.

Many people do not agree with me, they feel I need to care about who comes next (in power). But it does not matter to me who sits in that chair: it is all the same bullshit. They have proven that every five years. The only president I think really cared about Suriname is Ronald Venetiaan. Other than that… all of them are assholes.

I have to admit I am curious about who will come next… Will it be Fuckwad again or someone else? What will it be?

May 25, 2020, will be a very exciting day. Even though I will not vote (I will not talk about this, because I do not feel like I need to explain why), I am curious about the outcome. No, I really do not care who comes, but I am dying to know.


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