El Diablo Gave Me A Severe Migraine

El Diablo is another one of those books that hurt my head. It’s not like I choose these books to shit on them, I blame the authors… and in this case, the book cover model. He’s YUMMY! The cover model and the fact the author finished her twenty-fourth book are the reason I gave it one star. Writing TWENTY-FOUR books! I would love to be there one day… someday. But this book is a NO-NO for me. Actually, it’s a FUCK NO-NO!

The blurb is so amazing, but the actual book fell flat. For me, it didn’t deliver what was promised. This is the sequel of a book I should’ve reviewed earlier, I guess I’ll leave that for next week’s post.

I had high hopes for this book, but nope… it didn’t deliver. It didn’t live up to what the blurb promised.

The sins of the father became those of the son.
Wrath for taking what was precious to me.
Greed for the lives that were mine to kill.
Sloth for the destruction against their will.
Lust for revenge and the blood I’d spill.
Gluttony for the souls I craved.
Envy for the spirits I had yet to take.
Pride for the birthright I’d soon fulfill

One look.
One moment.
One girl.
She was all it took for me to lose my focus.
Sienna Luciano, my eighth deadly sin.

It was the end of me, but not my legacy.
It was only the beginning of…

El Diablo’s resurrection.

Allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Crucifixio Martinez.

The name of the author is M. Robinson. She isn’t a bad writer, not at all. There were parts in the story I did like, some parts not so much. But the entire story, overall, was a big fat dud for me.

Crucifixio is unlikable, his wife is unlikable, the whole fucking book is unlikable.

He’s less of an Alpha Douche-hole than other male characters I’ve read int he past few months. But he still isn’t likable.

I read the first installation of this series, I hated it. I gave that book two stars because the cover model was smoking hot. But this book… not even the cover model could save it.

It’s pretty much Alejandro’s story: He has to protect his sister, something happens to his sister, he ends up killing a whole lot of people, and now he’s a Martinez. The story makes no sense to me. Alejandro went into the witness protection, right? He made a deal with the Feds in the first book to get all charges dropped. He moved away to where Lexi wanted to live (which doesn’t make sense, because in the WPP the Feds decide where you’ll live), changed his name, and wanted to start anew because he was too old and tired of the mafia life. Then… I start reading this book and it’s pretty clear he hasn’t left that life… at all.

And if he went to all that trouble to fake his death, move to another continent, and change his name, WHYYYY are they still using the last name ‘Martinez’?

In the first book the media covered his romance with a prostitute he took everywhere (after he left Lexi for the MILLIONTH time), so he’s internationally known. He also ran Colombia… so… you mean to tell me that NO ONE in Italy knows who he is and what he looks like? So… no one there knew he was El Diablo

Seriously, I wanted to like this book so much, but there were just too many inconsistencies.

His son gets married to another mafia boss’ daughter, the media is there… and according to this book, Cruz and Alejandro look alike… So… people outside of Italy who know Alejandro who buy the tabloids and papers won’t be able to put two and two together? Everyone in the world is THAT stupid ?

Uh… I skipped most chapters and I didn’t really read the book nor do I know who kidnapped Adriana or why… and I don’t give a shit. I didn’t have much of a connection with the characters to give a fuck about them.

Cruz sounds like Alejandro (even the possessive and obnoxious sex talk is the same), Adriana sounds exactly like Amari, they’re so fucking annoying.

Sienna is boring and pretends to be feisty, but she’s a whiney little brat. I couldn’t relate to any of the characters.

It’s a DNF and WNR for me.

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

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