4 Reasons Why I Am Disappointed in China

Disappointed. That is what comes to mind when I think of China at the moment. The world is suffering from this horrible coronavirus and a lot of people have died. From the looks of it, more are to follow. I know that it is iffy to write about anything that criticizes China in any way, but I just had to do this. My time in China was amazing! It had been on my bucket list for a very long time to visit the country that is home to The Great Wall.

I do not make it a habit out of discussing politics & global issues, but this is really bothering. It affects the world.

According to sources, it all started in early November 2019 when patients went to the hospital with flu-like symptoms. The Chinese government does not want it to get out, so why not start a ‘silencing’ campaign? I will not bore you with those details, just click here to read more about it. Sigh. To be fair, I am not just disappointed in China when it comes to how it all is being handled. Let me just continue, then you will understand.

I look back on my life in China fondly. Of course, there were downs here & there, but I had fun. But now? I am so disappointed.

In this post, I will not talk about how the Chinese authorities welded people shut in their homes and burned people alive. I see videos of them welding doors shut, but none of the people burned alive, that is just hearsay (until now & I hope it stays that way).

Let me just get into it and tell you why I am disappointed in China.

The number one reason for my disappointment: “People who refer to the coronavirus as the Wuhan virus/Chinese virus are racists.” – The Chinese Government.

someone who believes that other races are not as good as their own and therefore treats them unfairly.

– Source: Cambridge Dictionary

I do not condone violence. In no way should Chinese or other Asians living in foreign countries suffer harassment. It is WRONG & inhumane! For me, calling it the Wuhan virus/Chinese virus does not mean that I believe that Chinese people are the carriers of the virus. Not at all. It is just that China/Wuhan is where it first broke out. That is all. If we cannot call it the Chinese virus/Wuhan virus, then all the names of every single virus in the history of man should be changed. Why should this exception be made just for China? It is unfair & unnecessary.

Video Source: Wion

Now for the second reason: Racism against Africans. During my four years in China, I did experience racism because of the color of my skin. But I firmly believe that if you only focus on the negative, that is what you will attract. China did not stop the spread of the virus, that is why it became a pandemic. Infected Chinese people did travel outside of China and infected others. Now, no foreigners can enter China, because all foreigners are ‘carriers of the virus.’ Granted, there are foreigners who did bring back the virus… but who exported it in the first place?

There are horrible videos on the Internet of Africans who are mistreated. Unbelievable!

The thing that shocks me most, is that those Africans who are mistreated are the African students who did not leave China. They decided to stay in China to tough it out. Those students deserve better treatment! So many students are taken out of their apartments and banned from living in their apartments.

People are sleeping on the streets in the middle of winter. It is absolutely horrible and I cannot believe that the Chinese government would do that. If someone even tries to do that to Chinese citizens who live in foreign countries, there would be hell to pay! It is an unfair double standard. And what baffles me, is that the government says that putting the Africans out of their homes is not racism, they are just enforcing rules for people’s safety.

Source: Al Jazeera English Youtube

The Chinese gentleman in the video keeps dancing around the subject. It is so horrible and disgusting that he cannot accept & admit that it is happening. This breaks my heart.

I have so many great friends in China, so many! In no way is this man a representative of them. He really does not embody the warmth and love that I received from my Chinese friends. This is horrible & it impacts my opinion that I have of China. The image I have of them now is not a positive one. We all make mistakes & people forgive us for them. If China owns up to its shortcomings the world will be much more forgiving. I know I will be.

Source: Wion

Here comes the third reason: How the government allowed the virus to spread by not banning international travel sooner. I wonder why China keeps pointing to the United States. We all know Trump is a racist fuckass and that it is true that minorities suffer racism there. But … why? Oh, and I forgot to mention that what Victor says that there is no discrimination based on color is A LIE! I lived there for four years! IT IS A LIE! I am speaking from personal experience!

Source: Wion

Let me be clear: I do not agree with everything she said in the video. They say that virus did first break out in a wet market in Wuhan, but I am not sure that is the case. What I mean is, I do not think that the Chinese eating bats & creepy crawlers is the origin of this virus. I have no idea who made that virus (come on now, it is manmade) nor do I know if it were the Chinese that created it. Whoever created it, I hope we will find that out soon. That person or those people need to be brought to justice. They are murderers!

And now the fourth & final reason: Chinese diplomats who wage ‘war’ on social media.

In the day and age of Trump, this is nothing new. But I expect so much more from China.

Source: Wion

This disgusts me. I am around many diplomats and not all of them are pleasant. But a diplomat should know how to behave. Their actions are (usually) well-thought and do not cause offense.

An Internet troll criticized the Chinese government and a representative of the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka did this:

The Twitter Troll wrote the following:

The low class authoritarian Chinese government that was a curse to the Chinese people, became a curse to the world…”

– From Twitter Troll @chirantha7777

Now, the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka decided to retaliate. The response is disgusting.

“You are right that the “low class” Chinese government are serving 1.4 billion Chinese people, even the grass root or the ” lowest class” included. Total death in #China #pandemic is 3344 till today, much smaller than your western “high class” governments. Who are cursed?

– Source: Official Twitter Page of the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka

Their reply to the Internet troll is just as disgusting as the Chinese government threatening to withhold pharmaceuticals from the United States. It just goes to show that China is not as loving and innocent as they want the world to believe. Why threaten the lives of so many innocent children, women & men? Innocent people! I do not understand! And to be honest, I think more people died in China. If you look at the rate people are dying in Italy, Spain, France & the U.S., there is NO WAY less than 5.000 people died in China. NO WAY!

Now, wait for the most disgusting part…

The Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka writes that maybe if Twitter follows China its rules, it might penetrate the Chinese market. SO. DISGUSTING! Twitter wants a piece of the Chinese market, of course. What is the best way to do that? To make them follow the CCP rules. I want to vomit.

I am happy that China is helping the world to clean up its mess, but… my positive opinion of the country and its regime is not at all positive. But I do not think they care either way. *shrug*


Tiara Ray

I am grateful & blessed to have the life I live. (Soon to be) Traditionally published & self-published author in her mid-thirties. I unsuccessfully tried changing this picture numerous times, so I just left it. I wish you lots of love & may you get what you need. <3


  1. You’re brave for writing this. You forgot to mention that they forbade Chinese citizens to travel within China, but they didn’t ban travel outside of China. Then they repeatedly lied about the seriousness of the disease. They are responsible. If they had told the truth, the world wouldn’t be as mad as we are now. I hope this WW3 ends soon, because it’s not healthy.

  2. Awesome blog!!! Keep doing such a great job. Love from an alien who’s reading your blogs from Mars.

  3. It is a pity brown people still are suffering such kinds of treatment in china. Their governments should stand up for them. I hope it all gets better one day, Nice blog btw.

  4. This post girl, was damn savage! Unbiased and damn honest. Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts with us. Your blog is awesome.

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